How the new conditions will affect the mood of buyers in Europe.

In Europe, began to open clothing stores. They are developed for special conditions. After quarantine was able to resume the brands of the Spanish Inditex Group — for example, Zara. The shops opened in Spain, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. While it is a trading point with an area not exceeding 400 sq. m. In Spain they only work by appointment.

To purchase, each client is given only half an hour. The system of “one buyer — one seller”, and at the same time the store will be only four customers.

With such conditions now work and other services, told the correspondent of “Kommersant FM” in Spain Daria Gavrilova: “you can’t go to the store or to the hairdresser, which also opened off the street, knock on the door and say: “Hello, I’m here”. You must sign up in advance by phone or email which is listed either on the website or on display. Among the stores that decided to open, turned out to be Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear and other stores of the Inditex company.

additionally, assume a total ban on any contact things, such as testers for cosmetics. At the next stage — may 11 — many businesses can open without prior appointment, but the content is not more than 30% of their usual accommodation. Everywhere apart from Madrid and Barcelona, they will be open.”

changes in clothing will affect the mood of customers? Lifestyle-browser, “Kommersant FM” Nastya Roizman says that this can be useful, but only as a temporary measure: “With online-shopping which has now received an enormous spread, there are a number of problems and inconveniences. And here is an opportunity to come at the appointed time, to see everything with your own eyes, to touch, try on. In such conditions, when you have to write to you even for a short time attached to personal consultant, there is a pleasant sense of privilege, some VIP services. besides, to be in such mass marketsci stores without the crowds, the queues at the changing rooms and offices — is also such a special opportunity, which it would be nice to use”.

After trying on all the clothes will handle hot steam. And also from outlets at the time of the disappear packages, testers, cosmetics and charger for smartphones. For visitors over 65 years of age will require separate time. Hardly opened stores will be able to earn the same as before the pandemic. Now they are working more on customer loyalty, says General Director Fashion Consulting Group Anna Lebsak-Kleimans:

“the Conditions that are linked to compliance with social distancing, disinfection, and all sorts of new rules introduced to protect people. In this sense, scared of everything that is associated with the disease. And such a compromise solution is likely to train people to get used to the new reality.

of Course, restore the volume of sales to a pandemic such conditions is impossible. But this will keep the something compromise version of offline shopping itself.

Phased plan to exit the business of quarantine was introduced by the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova. According to her, the first phase will be able to open small stores, shops and services. However, what area they should be in the service not specified. Outlets without restriction by area and the number of people will earn only at the third stage.