Closures Britain could lead to a surge in modern slavery in the country

the Proposed closures in the UK for low-skilled workers after Brexit risks to drive vulnerable EU citizens in modern-day slavery, writes The Guardian.

As reported by charitable organizations, the ban on entry lead to a boom on the black market low-paid workers who will be exploited by criminals and lead to coercion and abuse.

That would be detrimental to EU citizens already in the country who may not know their legal rights after Brexit, and others, lured by the abundance of informal jobs in restaurants, offices, farms and construction sites that run the risk of being brought into the country by traffickers.

One charity, East European resource center, fears that some businesses would be happy to hire illegal workers if the immigration authorities to limit the inflow of low-skilled workers in the UK.

“Let’s not fool ourselves: someone will have to do the dirty, low-paying jobs, from construction to food processing and social security. Where will these work?” said Barbara Drozdovich, Executive Director of the center.

“Even now, when the East Europeans have full access to the labour market, poles and Romanians are two of the five leading nationalities, who reportedly were victims of modern slavery in the UK. It is easy to imagine the increasing pressure to reduce labour costs [by weakening the proposals of low-skilled workers] will lead to much more severe coercion and abuse,” she said.

Critics of the government’s proposed immigration laws say they are meaningless for the economy with nearly full employment.

Emily Kenway, senior Advisor for policy to “Focus on labour exploitation,” he said, “If you refuseall legitimate ways, people will just fall into the hands of traffickers. If we remember the tragedy in October, when they were killed, 39 Vietnamese, you will see the terrible consequences of that.”