Recently released by the decision of President Putin to hold a June 24 military parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, and on 26 July — a March “Immortal regiment” inspired all the organizers of mass events. If you can hold a military parade and procession can be, and music festivals under the open sky too? About how things are going with the crowded circuses, Boris tells Drums.The event format open-air throughout the lockdown was discussed by participants in the music industry, often in online discussions. Music festivals discussed on the forum Colisium Sochi. The crisis in industry was the theme of the film “Music vs COVID-19 World Tour — the music industry in a pandemic,” which lifted the creators of the festival “wild mint”. The author of these lines participated in the discussion “the festival industry is “on hold”” which was organized by the “Yeltsin-center”. And all this in the last days.It seems that everything has already been said. But this is only at first glance. The government thinks of the organizers of mass events new puzzles. The message of the President on holding the Victory parade and a March “Immortal regiment” was encouraging. But on 27 may, the CPS has promulgated rules for the prevention COVID-19, which, inter alia, referred to “limit or cancel public events (entertainment, cultural, sporting)”. These rules will be in effect until January 1, 2021. And on the same day, for example, news came out that Rospotrebnadzor regulated annual book festival “Red square” (it should begin on 6 June).By this time about transferring for next year has already managed to declare the summer of the Moscow festival Park Live. He was supposed to follow the scheme of the Coachella festival in two weekends. New date 8-11 and July 15-18, 2021. In the last message of the headquarters of the festival “wild mint”, which was held in June in the Tula region, now designated dates 14-16 August, and indicated that it might be delayed until June 2021. Festival “Dobrofest”, held in Yaroslavl region, have announced the new dates — 1-4 July 2021. “Usadba Jazz”, which traditionally opens the summer festival season, also announced the postponement to 2021, yet without specific dates and indicating that Zemfira, who planned to compete in the “Arkhangelskoye”, in 2021 to participate in “Usadba Jazz” will not. The organizers of the “festival” looking for partners in order to implement an online version of the popular jazz forum in September.For all these events an important part of the program was the presentation of foreign artists. So the reason for the postponement was not only epidemic, but the vagueness of international communication. Festival “picnic Posters”, traditionally bringing to Russia greatlytheir foreign stars, was scheduled for August 8, but never managed to start the campaign.For those of festival organizers, who have already released tickets on sale, a terrible dream — demand a refund (see “Kommersant” on 14 April). If ticket holders EN masse will come to pass, it means immediate bankruptcy of the companies, suiting the event. However, according to, for example, the producer of the festival “Dobrofest” Sergei Silesia audience shows miracles of endurance and loyalty to the brand, the number of requests for refund is vanishingly small.Faithful to the beloved festival and fans of “Invasion”, the biggest festival of Russian rock. About the cancel or postpone the festival has not yet announced the mass surrender of tickets of the question. “Invasion” to be held 24-26 July in the Tver region. The festival is organized by the company “Ultra Production”, a member of the “Media holding” (“Our radio” Rock FM, “Radio Jazz”, etc.). According to the head of the “Ultra Production” Alan Marshall, the festival “Invasion” feels more or less calm, but besides, it, by definition, no foreign artists. Nevertheless, the festival “All the colors of jazz”, which is the same holding was going to be held on 23 may, it was decided not even to announce. Hard for everyone, including the advertisers that provide advertising radio station.Preparations for the festivals “Lechites” (7-9 August, Yaroslavl oblast) and LIve Fest (21-23 August, “Rosa Khutor”, Sochi). Representatives of the “Letsitela” confidence in their prospects to comment, “b” refused. One of the producers of the LIve Fest — Maxim Volkov (Volkov Pro), until recently ran a local concert complex “rose Hall”, says a large part of the tickets for the festival are usually sold in the last week and so far no talk about the postponement of the festival nor in time nor in space.Each of the festivals is seeking its way out of the crisis. Someone, as the Agency “Mill” (Park Live) and Volkov Pro, was a good concert year, and formed a “safety cushion”. Someone like the organizers of the “Wild mint”, raised production to create quality video content. Someone like “Usadba Jazz”, looking for new partners and investors. The “media Holding” was lucky to be in the list of strategic organizations of economy in the sphere of information and communication.The festival organizers agree to two things. First, no state aid can not replace the interest of the audience, and very few people in the industry is counting on it. Second, no online translation will not replace real contact between the audience and the actors on the field. Any festival better not only broadcast on YouTube, but and the entrance, divided into squares for people wearing masks and gloves.