Following the arrest of former Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon on money laundering charges, conservatives took to social media to complain the alleged crimes of the Clintons and other Democrats are being ignored.

Bannon was arrested on Thursday and charged in Manhattan federal court with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering. The charges, which carry a prison sentence of up to 20 years, stemmed from his alleged misuse of funds donated to build a wall on the US border with Mexico.

He’s hardly the first Trump associate to be hauled off in handcuffs, and while liberals celebrated the indictment with a social media victory lap, conservatives cried foul at what they saw as one-sided prosecution of their “side” – particularly with regard to New York’s Southern District Court.

Steve Bannon is more than likely going to prison.Do Democrats do essentially the same things? Yep. Is it fair? Nope. Do our feelings about fairness matter? Nope. Gotta keep it TIGHT when you are working with money and non profits on the Right. We live in two legal systems

Democrats commit fraud, too, they pointed out, zeroing in on former president and first lady Bill and Hillary Clinton and their Clinton Foundation nonprofit – a “pay to play slush fund,” as one commenter described it. Many argued that the Clintons were protected by the “obviously corrupt” New York courts.

Since the SDNY went after the Build the Wall scam, when can we expect them to charge the Clinton Foundation with their plain-as-day pay-to-play scheme?

We know Clinton Foundation is based offshore. Why would charity that owes no taxes locate offshore? We know Russians gave them $130 million at time of uranium deal. We know 90%+ of “donations” never go to charity. Used to fund Clintons’ lifestyle. Yet no indictment out of NY.

Reminder: The SDNY did nothing about the Clinton Foundation’s obvious corruption. They have been going after President Trump’s taxes since 2017. SDNY attorney Bharara refused to resign & was fired by Trump personally. Going after Steve Bannon today could be dirty politics.

Several users reminded the crusading New York district attorney that – according to former Clinton campaign director John Podesta’s emails, at least – Clinton Foundation funds paid for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Reminder: From #PodestaEmails, @ChelseaClinton seems to have used Clinton Foundation funds for her wedding.That would be illegal.Where is the SDNY on this?

Chelsea Clinton used Clinton Foundation funds to pay for her wedding,And the Foundation also paid her to campaign for Hillary.Where’s the federal investigation into this? 🤔

Some brought up still more Democrats who’d skated on crimes they should have been indicted for…

Speaking of indictments…When is Cuomo getting indicted for killing 1000s of Grandmas?When is ANYONE at Clinton Foundation getting indicted?When is Joe Biden getting indicted for Tara Reade?Oh wait, I forgot only Trump’s friends get arrested

Isnt it convenient that the ‘southern district of NYC’ is charging Steve Bannon? Hmmm-if he’s guilty that’s fine but just seems awfully convenient since Trump was just in AZ discussing the border w/ICEWish they’d investigate Cuomo 4THOUSANDS of DEAD NY ELDERLY fr nursing homes

…while others warned an even more partisan “justice” system was coming under a Joe Biden administration.

I am so glad the politicized prosecutors in the SDNY are coming down on Republicans with all their might but ignored the Clinton Foundation and Epstein for all these years…Imagine how bad things will be under a Biden admin? We will all be indicted for wrongthink.

While the Clinton Foundation has an A rating from Charity Watch – as its defenders repeatedly mentioned on Twitter – it’s long been accused of staggering levels of corruption, and not just by conservatives with a partisan axe to grind. After 18 months probing the Foundation’s finances, Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel reported the organization had taken in “illegal private gains of approximately $100 billion” between 1997 and 2016. The overlap between Foundation donors and recipients of Clinton’s political largesse as Secretary of State – including over a dozen foreign governments – is difficult to dismiss, though the political power couple’s defenders have certainly tried.

However, little has come of Trump’s 2016 campaign pledge to “lock her up.” A federal corruption probe into the Clinton Foundation reportedly wound up earlier this year without charges recommended, while a House hearing similarly went nowhere despite explosive testimony from a pair of forensic investigators insisting they had proof the NGO has long acted as a de facto “foreign agent” dedicated not so much to charity as “advancing the personal interests of its principals.” Those investigators also weighed in on the Bannon indictment on Thursday, questioning why the Clinton Foundation wasn’t being held to account.

(2/3) #ClintonFoundationWhistleblowers#DoyleandMoynihan We fully promote strict adherence to #RuleofLaw and #EqualJustice under the law. One standard of law for ALL CONCERNED, whether Mr. Bannon or the Clintons.

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