The train already seemed weird, but somehow it has caught the national team, but still. In the EM-Vorquali duel with Iceland and Switzerland must win with a 21-point lead.

And NBA Star Clint Capela (25) and co. deliver! Under the eyes of Thabo Sefolosha will not play without a new NBA contract currently for the Nati, keep in Montreux against the Northern countries 109:85 the upper hand and make their way to the Vorquali-group winners.

Houston Center Capela dominates with 15 Rebounds under the basket, scored 18 points, though he sins at the free-throw line. Swiss Topskorer Roberto Kovac with 29 counters. The European championship qualifiers against Finland, Georgia and Serbia will begin in November – without a Capela, which will then be back in the NBA in use. (EC)