From the beginning of April about 20 radiographers and nurses CDC implement computed tomography (CT) for patients with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19 and for those who have this infection is suspected. A separate agreement, as described nurses companies, they were not signed.

– We do not depart from the patients, serving up to 50 people for a six-hour shift. And at the meeting we were told that Federal payments are not allowed. They say that we are not the hospital and not an ambulance, – said the nurse CDC Yulia Bolshakova.

Now the nurses were paid, as they say, four thousand rubles advance and additionally transferred to the card for 14 thousand. But this is not the 50 thousand nurses, about which was spoken all over the news.

I went back to work because I have a salary of 10 thousand a penny, – says Julia. – In total comes out less than 25 thousand with all allowances and payments, and 50 thousand – a significant sum.

the Ministry of health of Nizhny Novgorod region reported that the incentive payments to employees at the KDC fell under the effect of government regulations (PP) of the Russian Federation No. 415. “All payments under a Federal guarantees were made on time and in full. Given the importance of the work of the staff of the CDC, the CDC guide is recommended to seek the possibility of additional stimulus on the basis of local acts of medical organizations”, – is spoken in the answer of Governor David Melik-Guseinov on request “RG”.

And in social networks David Melik-Guseinov said: people do not fully understand what they are guaranteed under PP. According to him, employees of the hospitals or the ambulance, working with patients with mers can count on a fixed payment according to claims of the Russian Federation No. 484. These are the 50 thousand to average medical staff. If the physician helping a patient with a coronavirus in the clinic – he put a percentage of the incentive payments tied to wages (PP of the Russian Federation No. 415).

the Nurses say that the transfer of the office CT for round the clock operation with COVID-patients promised them as supplements, “the same payment”. By accepting this job in early April, an employee of the CDC in the intricacies of the regulations did not penetrate: to do a CT scan urgently needed.

IN the SU IC in the Nizhny Novgorod region, where the nurses sent a collective complaint, explained that checks all the arguments of each applicant who considers that his rights have been violated.

Yesterday morning, the nurses received the signature of additional agreements to labour contracts. The paper formulated the possibility of “other incentive payments” pursuant to the order of the chief physician with the clause on “the financial ability of the employer”. About “50 th” copayment, no references. How and about how much officials estimate waste COVID nurses with patients for almost two months.

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CDC Chief physician Yury Tarasov has held a meeting with staff on the issue of surcharges for work with patients with confirmed coronavirus infection. “We discussed with colleagues of the situation and said that the plan to raise funds from the budgets of the CDC for the payment of allowances to all staff that provide assistance at this difficult time. I am thankful and grateful to our employees for what they do in these difficult conditions in the period of the pandemic. Suffice it to cite the figures for these incomplete two months, we surveyed more than 2700 patients, it is almost 80-90 and sometimes 120 patients a day. Of course, it is dedication and hard work”, – said Yuri Tarasov.

Alexander Maslov, managing partner of the legal company “the Warriors, Maslov and partners”:

the Question arose because of the unclear wording of RF government decree No. 484. On the one hand, paragraph 11 it says medical organizations without specifics, what it is, and on the other – where we are talking about the amounts mentioned only the workers ambulance workers provide medical care in a hospital that allows us to understand this limitation and not to pay payments to other health workers from other organizations. However, in the explanatory letter from 06.05.2020 N 16-3/And/2-59-51 the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation indicates that although the list of employees set a local act of the medical facility, it can be installed and the decision of the regional Ministry of health. In the suburbs, for example, even before this clarification of the regional Ministry of health has approved the list of organizations and positions, which included not only hospitals, but also clinics and other medical facilities. I believe that the regional act of the Ministry of health of Nizhny Novgorod region it would be possible to solve this problem, if it is to list all the medical institutions where the staff works with COVID-19. Then there would be every reason for making payments.

Olesya Shuleva, lawyer:

– By order No. 415 of the government of the Russian Federation of payments to physicians based on and, according to the regional Ministry of health, the funds have been received. According to decree No. 484 of incentive payments based on those medical staff who work directly with citizens, who have COVID-19 and have either the ambulance or specialized medical care in a hospital. In paragraph 12 of the resolution No. 484 stipulates that in connection with the presence of citizens with COVID-19 was adopted by the local normative act of the medical organization. The document establishes the list of structural units and their employees, who are given the right to establishment of payments of stimulating character. Perhaps, if such an act was not adopted in the Uchreggenie, its adoption would resolve the issue with the payments. But we need to look all the documents to answer the question about payments on the merits.