The climate strikes move to Switzerland – but now the climate youth wants to bring the country to a standstill! VIEW know, that the young people who are used to having thousands on the road, are planning a country-wide big strike. This Time, the trade unions should help.

The radical climate activists from Extinction Rebellion want to increase starting on Monday, with protests in 60 cities around the world, the pressure on the government. The governments would not be enough against the “climate and environmental state of emergency” business. Are planned on two weeks of operations in Europe, North America and Australia. Extinction Rebellion, hopes to mobilize in London alone 20’000 to 30’000 people for blockades around Parliament and government buildings.

The schedule for the big strike is already. Today the boys will meet in Zurich, Bern and Lausanne to the meetings planning. The Goal: On Friday, 15. May 2020 should be in Switzerland still.

The air strike was politically unattached, the young people would independent parties act. The climate-strikers emphasise, at every opportunity. However, with the big day of the strike, the turnaround comes. The boys need the workers ‘ representatives.

“It is of the utmost importance to have the unions on Board,” it means in a preparatory paper, in the VIEW of insight had. Only with the help of the unions, you can win the workers.

Indecisive unions

Still, the big unions are unsure of how you should behave. Ideally, they stand behind the objectives of the climate youth, but strikes pose a great risk: you might encounter a lack of understanding in Parts of the population.

“We are in conversation with the air strike,” confirms Dore home (60), from the trade Union Confederation. “It needs but an official request.” This is expected home in the next few days. Then the Union mills grind slowly. “Before the middle of November, there can certainly be no decision.” In order to come to the climate streikern in the way: to on 15. October, shortly before the elections, to the Public.

“Important, maintain print”

the home is contrary to a “day of action”, as you called it, open. “It is important, the pressure to maintain.” The unions could help with the Know-how and mobilization. But you are stuck in a Dilemma: in the summer, you proclaimed officially the woman to strike. However, in the case of industries with a total employment contract (CEC), you had to give in: it is there for a strike, threatening the CEA termination.

“of Course, the question is, to what extent can employees for such action is always” to there home. The unions and their staff Council representatives are looking for in such cases the conversation with the company, she says.

fall holidays, wait and see

“Concrete Commitments from the trade unions, we have not yet.” The unionists would have to first return from the autumn holidays, and advice, shows co-organizer Jelena Filipovic (27), understanding fully.

At the media conference in mid-October, the young partner organizers want to present, such as “Parents for the Future,” or the organizers of the woman’s strikes. The woman’s strike of last June, her role model is. The unions are expected to follow.

the fear of political independence has not Filipovic. “Unions do not belong to any political spectrum,” she says. The labor representatives, however, are not the Only ones that have been asked: Also the brains behind the group is a responsible Initiative to help the organization.

Although now workers are on strike to: Still Filipovic carefully avoids the word General strike. However, in the preparation of the paper it says: “The Strike for the Future serves as an intermediate step in the direction of the General strike.” And the experience of the climate of youth right. Only thanks to their pressure, the policy has reacted and the CO2 act is still around.

The environmental movement and the trade unions – they act Hand-in-Hand. So many workers ‘ representatives called to take part in the climate demo from last Saturday. “Climate change is accelerating rapidly, and for the trade unions in the world, it is an existential question, for non-slip measures,” it was said about in the call of the Confederation of trade unions (SGB). Especially of the negative consequences of climate change, the Weak, the people with low income are affected finally.

Also in Parliament, the Greens and the SP-dominated unions pulling on a rope. Both of them want to do more for the environment. Their positions on climate, energy and transport are, for the most part the same.

Against Road Pricing

However, not everywhere. The trade unions and the climate movement prioritize differently when it comes to what may costs of climate measures, and who pays for this. While for the Greens, the climate is a top priority, the unions, the workers. The latter emphasize because, at every opportunity, that climate measures should be socially acceptable. In clear text: The poorer stratum of the population must not be asked strongly to the Fund and if it is unavoidable, this must be via a social insurance offset.

Symptomatic of this: Both trade Union boss Pierre-Yves Maillard (51) as well as the Unia trade unionists and SP-national councillor Corrado Pardini (54) opposed to a fee for road use. “Road Pricing involves the risk that individuals with lower incomes at a disadvantage.”

so What will be more protected: the environment or the wallet of the lower middle class? Right here’s a break between the environmental movement and the trade unions threatens to in the future. Nico Menzato