Tuesday evening, a between-use building in Bern: there were boxes Everywhere around, are full of flyers, the walls are dotted with full of scribbled Post-it. A note is particularly striking. With thick, black letters, someone has written on it: “It is threatened, what we love.”

Between flip charts and shelves of books have Jan Schuller (27), Maya (21), Jann (23), Theo (18), Jan Burckhardt (17), Saskia (17) and Naomi (18) in front of folding stickers, your with climate – and feminism-are pasted with Laptops up.

Werner Schuller (58) is seated at the table. The software developer and father of Jan helps high school girls and students with technical issues. He and “the boys” have arrived from all over Switzerland, to talk about your project: the climate Charter.

Charter has been misunderstood

The idea: National Council and Council-candidates should position themselves on the new Website to the demands of the climate strike ends: the proclamation of the national climate emergency, zero net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2030, climate justice and system change, if the claims in the current System are not implemented. The politicians may, however, formulate your own solutions. The answers are at the 20. September, published. Nearly 400 candidates have completed the Charter, most of them from the left-green corner. The climate young people are unhappy: their Charter is misunderstood. “It’s a question to present to the electorate approaches to a solution. The Candidates can also against our claims and the reasons,” says Jann.

“We assign a climate Label and give no choice recommendation. We need to make people aware.” All nod. The activists have made a lot of. Every now and then growing them over the head. For example, when Theo from Freiburg objects, some of which would like to have had a choice recommendation page. Or if the To-do list is getting longer and longer.

Tired of the criticism of the adult

Jan Schuller the glasses and rubs his tired eyes. There is a risk to take, was already his colleague Jann says. “There are a lot of Workaholics among us.” The Burn-out risk is high. “Therefore, there is the end of every week, massage groups for intense climate strike.”

After a short Depth, the group pulls back. “Then we still have a couple of sleepless nights,” says Maya.

Shortly before midnight you say good-bye. Confident.

Really tired of you making negative reports and criticism of adults. “We don’t understand why we braked or to be condemned. We’re just trying to do something Good!”, Jan Burckhardt says.