It is also your victory, this Would not have green slip in Parliament: you are always on the climate crisis, would be Green and GLP now hardly so High.

And yet: when asked about climate young people, how great is their joy about the options, give you behave. They are party-politically independent. The result was generally positive, but: “the depth of voter participation shows that the issue is not yet arrived always really in the population,” says Hanna Fischer (18).

Andri Gigerl (19) expected “modest improvements in climate policy”. And yet: as Long as the Federal Council shall hold at his “supposedly revolutionary goal” of net-zero emissions by 2050 fixed, need it for the climate movement.

40 scientists from 20 climate activists

The activists want to “net zero” already in 2030, two decades earlier, when the Federal Council. And work themselves to the achievement of this goal. Yesterday, Saturday the launch of the latest climate-strike project, the Climate Action Plan. Together with experts from different sectors – including agriculture, energy, financial and transport – to develop the youth action plan, with which Switzerland can reach the emission goal of “net zero by 2030” and the observance of the Paris climate agreement.

If the climate youth calls, then you have come to the experts. About 40 physicists, Agronomy, faculty, and climate scientists listened to an indoor yesterday in the premises of the climate youth in Zurich, the plans, about 20 climate activists. “With the Climate Action Plan we want to put pressure on the policy and prove that the solutions are there,” it said in its presentation. Within the next six months climate, young people and experts want to develop together with Interested parties from the public a detailed strategy.

In the next April, the action plan should be presented to the Public. Until then, there is still much to do. It will probably be the largest project of the climate young people. But this time, you are not alone.