Today, the climate is once more in focus in Switzerland and around the globe. The second international climate strike is. And the liberals presented their new positions on environmental policy.

The large-scale survey of the FDP members showed the clear desire for a greater commitment to climate protection. The FDP-base wants to be green. Party leader Petra Gössi (43) seems to have with their u-turn by set. So 73 percent of the simple FDP members are calling for a flight ticket tax and 58 percent, the new CO2-steering levy on petrol and Diesel, such as the SonntagsBlick reported.

60 percent of FDP voters climate strikes find unnecessary

However, this tasting also of the FDP-voters? Or the party in the autumn of threatening, therefore, a setback at the ballot box? This risk is a real one, as yet unpublished Barometer of Renewable energies, University of St. Gallen and the Raiffeisen Bank shows.

The study, which is a VIEW, comes to the conclusion that only 49 percent of FDP voters support a more ambitious climate policy. A slight majority of the free-minded sympathizers don’t want to do for the climate than it is today. And only 40 percent consider the climate strikes as justified. Unlike the other major mid-party, Two-thirds of the CVP-voters a beherztere climate challenge policy.

inconsistencies in airline ticket-tax

The representative survey also shows that 63 percent of Swiss flight tickets find cheap – at least 6 percentage points more than a year ago. Substantially of it you don’t like then but but. Only one in five would shell out for a short-haul flight a levy of more than 30 Swiss francs.

the electric cars are better than in the past. After all, every third party can imagine in the meantime, to buy in the next two years, an electric car or to lease. A year ago it was only every Fourth.