The Assembly was not yet to end, as the FDP-Nationalrat Christian Wasserfallen (37) last Saturday, the field is acknowledged. The liberals had met in Zurich to decide on the Climate of the party. The day was a Triumph for party President Petra Gössi (43), who had to leave because of their green schlenker course for weeks, criticism was – not just from other parties but also from within its own ranks. The delegates have exacerbated the position paper even still and the air ticket levy, which you wanted to delete actually, back in the requirement catalog.

One of the loudest internal critic was – and still is – water. On Twitter, he shot sharp against Gössi. And now he had to add a small.

He’ll resign by the end of the year as the FDP’s Vice-President, says the water fall to The decision does not have to do “directly” with the new climate positions. Indirectly, but quite. So he suggests that he has with the decisions of the delegates to his love trouble. “These measures, a clear cost consequences for the people and the economy,” he says.

the water fall says, after seven years as a Vice he had seen it, after all, he was busy also in the private economy. He wanted to be based on the previous term limit of eight years. Today, these 12 years – the water would have been able to hang to fall, actually, so even a whole term on it. (lha)