From England to the USA – but without a plane, with a zero-emissions ocean-going yacht. Climate activist Greta Thunberg (16) is shipping off soon. The exact departure date depends on the weather. The trip will approximately take two weeks.

you will be Accompanied by her father and a filmmaker. The two skippers of the German yachtsman Boris Herrmann from Hamburg and Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco, from the Team, Malizia. “We will do everything so that they reached New York on the safest way possible,” says sailing professional Herrmann.

A spokeswoman for the team said, the trip could be for Greta, depending on the weather conditions quite uneasy. “But Greta is a brave girl, you will do it easy.”

Bit of on-Board comfort, and climate-friendly

Because of the high amount of emissions caused by air travel, wants to Thunberg forgo travel on airplanes. The ocean going yacht “Malizia II”, with sailing across the Atlantic, produces no exhaust gases, said Thunberg.

Also, the electricity needed on Board the 18-metre boat, is generated by solar panels and water turbines, how to say it. There was little comfort on Board. “The Team Malizia and I are proud to bring Greta with this challenging Transfer across the Atlantic, the only way without fossil fuel emissions, today, unfortunately, materials”, commented on her sailing partner, Pierre Casiraghi the trip. And adds: “respect the girl’s courage, this adventure to accept and commit fully to fighting for victims and for probably the greatest challenge for the humanity.”

trip around the world instead of teaching

Thunberg had already announced at the beginning of June, a Sabbath year and they will be put to press in the next year, back to school. You will visit among others the USA, Canada and Mexico, and at various events for a better climate policy advertise. To include the stations of the Swede, the United Nations climate summit on September 23. September in New York and the annual UN climate change conference in Chile in December. In addition, Thunberg wants to take part in climate demonstrations.

“During the past year have raised millions of young people their voice, to raise the awareness of world leaders for the climate and the ecological predicament”, is Thunberg quoted in a Communiqué. “In the next few months the events in New York and Santiago de Chile will show that you have listened to me.” (SDA/jmh)