Sometimes all it takes is a small Episode that shows the Dilemma of climate policy. For his football enthusiasm known Zürcher SP-Regierungsrat Mario Fehr (60) rose on Wednesday afternoon in a false Easyjet machine. Instead of going to London, he would have flown almost to Berlin.

The Zurich-based Director of Security noticed his mistake in time and was apparently in a VIP-Taxi – via taxiway to the right plane driven. So Fehr made it in time for the opening of the new stadium of his favorite club, Tottenham Hotspur. Lucky!

Fehr in good company

of Course, it wasn’t long until Fehrs mishap made the rounds. Afterwards rüffelte even the Co-President of the SP in Zurich and member of Parliament Priska Seiler, count (50) your party colleagues: “The SP-party management has discussed with him the little environmental flights to England long before the last elections. But ultimately, he must reconcile this with his own Conscience – I couldn’t do it.”

The Zurich-based SP-councillor is in good company. About 80 per cent of Swiss passengers to control objectives in Europe – is there a climate-friendly Alternative, the train, for example. Often, however, there is no time for it.

waiver of short flights

Now criticism from an unexpected quarter, namely by André Lüthi (58), the head of the fourth largest travel group in Switzerland, Globetrotter. In a post on travel news Lüthi calls: “The Airlines must finally increase prices, and the traveler should avoid private short flights of three nights or less.”

He advises that the Swiss tourists should plan instead on a long trip per year, “with a genuine interest in the country, the culture and the Religion. Travel, where, again, the encounters at the wayside, the focus is not the tourist Hotspots”.

of Course, the criticism from the corner of the travel industry is strange. Finally, Lüthi lives of its clients to be flown in the rear most corners of the world. However, in Lüthi’s right: for the short flights damage the climate massively. It is precisely here that the fuel consumption is compared with Long and medium flights, the highest.

scapegoat aviation

so How are you supposed to bring the desire to travel to the Swiss with the climate change? “It is the awareness at all levels and in all facets – need to be conscious that we are ready to want our consumer behaviour change. (…) This changes the most,” says Lüthi.

at the same time he complained that the fly will presently be explained medially to the big scapegoat. To pick “the world of flying, and to explain to the main culprit, is used for me.” So, what to do?

Heat of mind, you should refrain from trips on unnecessary car, showers are short and not too hot or you will build environmentally friendly, as suggested by the magazine of the “Tages-Anzeiger” recently. The issue has not collected less than 75 ideas on how the climate change can be stopped.