On the 26. March 2018 lap a car in California over a cliff, fell 30 meters in depth. The eight occupants, two women and their six adoptive children were killed (EYES reported). Now is for sure: The two mothers, tore your children, deliberately to death!

The senior court has been known to doctors in this case, Thomas Allman, now. In a press conference, he said: “This was no accident. They died by someone else’s Hand. On the death certificates of the children will cause, therefore, of death was murder.”

rider was drunk

a few days after the tragedy, the investigators assumed that the women controlled the SUV deliberately into the abyss: There were no skid marks at the scene of the accident.

in Addition, a procedure for child abuse, delivery of a mother. She was once arrested by the police because they should have beaten her daughter.

The autopsy of the victim gave further information: Jennifer Hart (†38), the driver, was drunk at the time of the murder. She raced at full speed across the Road. The second wife, Sarah Hart (†38) and the children were under the influence of Allergy medication that makes you tired.

fleeing child protection authority?

had looked up the women just before the journey suicide methods on the Internet.

The exact motive of the suicide is unclear. Wanted to take away the authorities, the mothers of your children? Jake slate from the California Highway Patrol told the AP news Agency: “they have both decided that it would have to be stopped. If you were not allowed to have your children, could get no other.”

Only a few days before the fact, had rung son Devonte (†15) namely, the neighbours and asked you to hide something to eat in the vicinity of the fence. He and his siblings were hungry, your parents gave you as a punishment, no food.

One of the children still missing

The neighbors proposed that the youth welfare office Alarm. Three Times staff came to the house of the mothers, never was you opened the door.

outside the family dangled before getting a heal the world: On several photos of the children are signs with beautiful sayings (“kindness is contagious”). However, you are isolated – living mothers had their children, all between 12 and 19, from school.

son Devonte missing since the accident each track. He is officially listed as missing. The police believe that he came as the other occupant killed. His body was probably in the Pacific. (hah)

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