football is at a standstill. The League consists of the Corona-crisis. In IMAGE financial Boss Alexander Wehrle (45) speaks about the impact on the FC.

IMAGE: Mr. Wehrle, the League will start at the earliest in may. What does this mean in concrete terms for the FC and the player would have to train in the ideal case, in the coming week together?

Walker: “For the club-has not changed the Situation much. We know that we have to expect significant financial losses, which also affect the upcoming season. Even if it all goes to Plan and we play the season to the end.“

On Monday, the League bosses met to Alexander Wehrle (center) in Frankfurt for crisis analysis photo: Arne Dedert / dpa

IMAGE: And for the pros?

Walker: “must, First of all, that we make the training plan and the trainer team to the vote. The boys train until Friday individually at home. Until Monday, at the latest, we need to clarify, therefore, how it goes then.“