Utility equipment on the electric start in test mode to remove the capital to the yards. If the technique is justified, it will, over time, replace the same with petrol and diesel engines. It is reported the complex of municipal economy of Moscow.

– These vacuum cleaners run on electric motors, they can vacuum, wash and sweep the city, making the work most effective and safe for the environment – told in a press-service of the Department of housing of Moscow. They are ideal for use in close proximity to public spaces, narrow streets, the sidewalks, the parks.

New work will be on Old Arbat street and Poklonnaya hill, gradually spreading to other areas of the city.

As told in the GBU "roads", whose office received the first samples, the machine is provided of different manufacturers. "the results of the test will chose the best variant, – have specified in a press-Department service. – So, all the machines are equipped with powerful batteries will last 10 hours without recharging. They quietly work, so they can be used at night and early in the morning".

As expected, the result of their exploitation should decrease the cost of maintaining utility equipment. In addition, the transition to electric counterparts will contribute to the improvement of the ecological situation in the city.