Only the technically skilled staff to maintain specific cleaning and maintenance jobs, means Bart is Developing a new service on top of the baptismal font. “Thanks to the expertise of our staff we are able to Baldr, and(c)the Services of a new niche market to tap,” according to the company.

Hasselaar, Bart Martens is right at home in the services we provide. He has, in the past, Etalentis, a firm that engineers, sends it to a variety of clients in the construction industry. “I’ve been a very, very long time to be convinced that the technical expertise of the employees is an important value-added features,” he says.

It is more than obvious that She is after selling his successful company in the same line to continue. “I apply the same philosophy to be in a completely different sector, and in particular for the cleaning and treatment of the entire exterior of residential and commercial buildings. The clean-up and maintenance of roofs, facades and parking lots, you will receive an additional dimension, as well as a technical background of. Because of this, they can take action to make minor repairs, perform preventive purposes, to prevent damage.”

The team of Baldr and©Services, you will also have the materials, and all kinds of plants clean and care for them. “Because of the technical skills of our staff and the training that we provide, we can make the service life of buildings and machinery, extend it, and lowers the total cost of ownership for our customers. In short, it is correct to bet with the talent brings is a win-win situation for everyone.”