Clean the chakras, treat the virus, a family of the Leningrad region built the

“there is the production of specific immunity to increase stability and counter any virus and coronaviruses, too.” And it costs 10 thousand rubles per visit. The pyramid in the Leningrad region, which the creators attributed miraculous properties. The client went?

“Boosts immunity, clears negativity” — as written by the founders of a cure for all diseases — about the miraculous properties of his creation. Looks like a pyramid. Rises above the earth thirty feet, and inside allegedly repeats the famous pyramid of Cheops. With a maze and a sarcophagus. That alone is worth the overseas construction in Russia.

Built it a couple from Leningrad on his own land not far from St. Petersburg. Moreover, as is clear, decided to export to the homeland is not only the architecture, but some ancient methods of healing.

they Say that in the pyramid and to clean the chakras, and the aura heals and enlightenment comes. In General, the range of actions as broad as possible. Oh and it also refers to the antiviral effect, as they say — on the topic of the day. Naturally, it is difficult to be explained from the point of view of science, but wishing to stay a few pharaohs, however, are.

They built it in the image and likeness of the great pyramid. Egyptian limestone and granite have preferred a more practical, concrete. However, this structure has turned out grey, often lost amid the Leningrad sky. Cost, they say, no slave labor – although the team on this project are recognized, looking for a long time. It is not an ordinary building, but a kind of prism. Which concentrates in itself the kind of alleged life, the miraculous power.

“there is the production of specific immunity to increase the stability and to counter any virus and coronaviruses, too. Well, how could we not get sick, thank God and good”, — said Andrey Vakhrushev, Creator of the pyramid.

According to the creators, and their friend inside, even coped with the tumor. NightVal sat on a chair, under which is hidden a mini-pyramid. Have incorporated all unstudied force. Energy, say pyramidelloidea, so much that she is able to charge the water. For the basis of a seven-meter dug well, lined with small black mosaic. Topped with a plaster statue of an ancient deity.

In words – just another wonder of the world, where you intend to organize almost a pilgrimage. To create something mystical Spa for the enlightened. Stories about the fantastic power of the pyramids, their healing streams – cause the reaction of the scientists close to allergic. Proven cases of concentration of energy, of miraculous healings – no.

“Called – pseudoperonospora nonsense. If you take a random set of pseudo-scientific words and give them to people, then people start to believe it. Especially those who believe in the magical properties of pyramids,” — said Alexander Pankin, candidate of biological Sciences, member of the Commission of Sciences to combat pseudoscience.

That the Egyptologists say is the image of the pyramid in popular culture great distorted. The initial idea is not a transformer space field, and especially not an ancient prototype of the artificial kidney.

“the purpose of the pyramid in Egypt is actually the rebirth of the Pharaoh in the afterlife. So from this point of view, we must first die in this Spa hotel, and then still a good idea to sit on the Egyptian throne, and then just reborn to eternal life,” — said Olga Tomashevich, Deputy head of the Department of ancient history, historical faculty of Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov.

But, Hey, inside, the vaults is a sort of sarcophagus, made of tons of quartz. It is possible to lie down, to be transformed. Believe in the miracle. In the shelter of several tons of concrete. In these turbulent times.

“When people are reminded of death, they become more amorphous, more committed to the group nOrman, views and prejudices, which in a normal situation, to a lesser extent, affect our behavior,” — said Timothy Nestec, head of laboratory social and economic psychology Institute of psychology Russian Academy of Sciences.

And just think – there is no evidence of chudozestvennoj of the pyramid. Yes, why do they need to those who believe – she didn’t just appear. “St. Petersburg is the place of power of Russia, so around it and grow the pyramid”, — said Oleg Fridman, esoterics.

at One time the pyramid was growing and around Moscow. But something went wrong. The wind intervened. This, of Petersburg, is unlikely to blow away. In its construction have spent, say, more than 100 thousand euros. So much effort invested. Therefore, the owners of this attraction in the village of Ilinka, somewhere near St. Petersburg, to share the “miracles” the gift is unlikely to want.

according to local journalists, building on the esoteric already set a price for conducting the rituals to pay from three to ten thousand rubles