in a Good mood, Claus Theo Gärtner (75) welcomed SIGHT in one of his favorite local, the Lubitsch in Berlin. The legendary TV downloads Detective shortly before the broadcast of his latest Falls, “Matula – death on Mallorca”, to the interview – and talks about the three-month straw widower of the time without his Swiss wife Sarah (39), his favorite ski holiday destination in Austria – and his crime-shooting pain. to see

Matula crime. Not in the mood to lie on the lazy skin?

but I do plenty of! I may well be lazy, but only a certain amount of time. Then something has to happen. And if I turn then once or twice a year a movie, which is a nice change of pace.

Matula-case but not a no brainer, you were injured.

Yes, I had a herniated disc that is made during the rotation to re-emerge. We wanted to actually turning on the heat, on the island of Mallorca. But far from it: It was freezing cold. You can see me in a T-Shirt and hat to walk around, but down there I wore long pants. The temperatures were certainly not conducive to what my disc came.

I had administered a pain-filled syringe and then had to work, because the Stupid was: It’s been 24 days of shooting. And Matula had days 24 of rotation. Means: If I would only be down for an hour, had everything stood still. The were on the Set, trying so very, that it was good for me and I always got my shot. But if I rumrannte again in a scene, I had to sit down then five minutes. Then we went back.

no, it is also a delight to use, Yes. But it wasn’t always Fun. I had to jump dozens of times into the water, and someone to pull it out.

Yes, but I am in the process become a bit more cautious. It looks stupid, if one makes a crass Stunt and the spectators know, is 76. We do not exaggerate, I’m no James Bond. But I’m still doing it.

I’m 75, I do not remember at all. Pulling it here and there draws, is clear. But I always say: If you feel, at my age, nothing more, you’re dead. As long as I do everything and can Ski, everything is in order.

when the sad news of fellow actors. As recently Bruno Ganz with 77 years died, I’m afraid. I thought, I just met him. And half a year later … more Recently my mother died at 96. Since you are already dealing with it. Not with his own death. The displaced are mostly a bit. And I have no fear of death. But in front of the Die.

as Long as it’s only a movie per year is good. That means, when it is warm, and the script is good! (laughs) But I’m sure I’ll never do it again series. For me, that was the reason, 2013, “A case for two” to stop, because I felt burned. I am asked: Is Matula a blessing or a curse? I say: both. A curse was it that I could do nothing else, at ten to twelve episodes per year. The blessing: Today I can choose whether and what I’m working on.


Yes, but often there are police officers or commissioners, there were also some who should dare to want me to be in a supporting role as detectives occupy. Ne, people: “Where were you at 21 o’clock yesterday evening?” I asked a million times!

My wife Sarah and I are currently working on the stage version of the film “limelight”, in the Director’s chair, and I play in the play an aging actor who has given up, and the Bühnentod dies. A wonderful role. We will perform the piece next year in the Schlosspark theater Berlin.

This works very well, Yes, sometimes doubts, but this works wonderfully. Sure, there are differences of opinion, but there’s no frustration. We understand us as an artist, the collaboration is creative and productive and Fun. We both have the same goal. Only if she writes, I need to keep my mouth shut. Or she goes on to write the office of two streets.

By the end of October to mid-March, she was in Australia, in order to make the diving instructor’s certificate. Before departing, they visited me during filming in Mallorca, which I found beautiful!

We have written on a daily or on the phone, which means that just then, when it’s made with the big time difference of twelve hours. But I’ve also enjoyed the temporary Single life. (laughs) I could hear the formula 1 as loud as I wanted to, I could smoke in the apartment. But I’ve really missed you. The diving instructor’s certificate worked so well, that you planned even more came back than. Because you didn’t want to stay, so well-liked it then, too.

Byron Bay is a Hippie Mecca, where each of the Yoga and yoghurt on the forehead and where to 21 at the sidewalks be folded up. This is not for Sarah, she likes it when something is going on. When she came back, we drove it in the snow!

In Austria. Who can afford to drive in Switzerland skiing? Where we were in Innsbruck, we drove for the fourth Time, 90 percent of the Swiss. A few years ago we were in Lenzerheide, we were there for ten days. A great Hotel for the money I could have four weeks of First Class flying to Australia! The costs in Austria, the half of it. But I enjoy skiing very much, after all, I had the privilege during the “A case for two”-time not to, because of the risk of injury.

Very slowly.

Well! I have last year in Majorca bad.

most of The time he drives Yes. If I drove, he prays the rosary. Seriously: I’m now quite comfortably. It used to be different: Because of the in front of me an opponent behind me and an opponent, each track was a race track. But that is long gone.

from the series? Yes. But he is in the Garage, the feet flat, as in Basel where I got to have with Sarah alternately Berlin live – I learned to use public transport. This is so well organised there! Since you don’t need a car.

“Matula – death on Mallorca” runs Friday at 21.15 clock in the ZDF.