Claudio Imhofs room is Spartan. No Bells And Whistles. Only a bed, a wardrobe, a table, a TV, two photos of him with his girlfriend. More of Thurgau does not need. But there’s something else. Specifically: dozens of medals hang on the walls, photos of races and victory ceremonies are framed. Memories, also of the old days. “Cycling is what I love doing,” he says. It sounds almost like an apology, because he’s still doing it.

Imhof is 28 years old and for the past 28 years, this room Eltnernhaus in Sommeri TG is to be rich. Why is he never? “I’m almost the whole year on the road, my friend Marie-Lise is still studying. Your own apartment would not be worth it,” he says. This is a statement. The other is: Imhof would have to stretch far to be able to even afford an apartment. “I deserve nothing,” he admits candidly. Clearly, he prizes cashed and has smaller sponsors, there are people who grab him under the arms. All of this is enough but just as to the costs – especially the Travelling is expensive – to cover.

track not result in worthwhile financially

in This case, Imhof of the best rail riders in the Switzerland and Leader of the national team. “Our Lokotive” as national team coach Daniel Gisiger says. In the last year, Imhof led the foursome at the European Championships in Glasgow (Scotland) to silver. A total of 5 medals he hamsterte at large events, at the Olympic games in 2020 in Tokyo he would like to increase the collection.

But: Who is on the train in Switzerland, top, has no fat Bank account. “I would have done my apprenticeship as a cheesemaker in that profession, I would have some reserves,” says Imhof. He does not regret it still, to have everything on the card Cycling set. Imhof is also not to be disappointed, angry even. Nevertheless, he had a feeling he had never felt like this before. “I showed it to some people,” he says, referring to the people who advised him to Stop.

thought Imhof in fact, as the end of 2018, his two main sponsors, gave him a run pass. “I’ve had many sleepless nights, didn’t know if and how it would go,” says Imhof. However, the “self-marketer” to redefine itself, hired a street Team (Akros-website ready), to obtain a license for the race. In addition, he benefits from the fact that the UCI accepted the application of Swiss Cycling for a national team during the whole season. Imhof grabbed the Chance with both hands, showed at the Tour de Romandie, a strong performance and won a stage of the rhône-Alpes Isère Tour. “I always knew I had it in me. I’m proud of me.”

No wonder. Because Imhof know how setbacks feel like. He was often injured, suffering on the Pfeifferschem glandular fever (“I lost the desire at all”) and constant Overtraining. Gisiger: “He said a long time, he should never recover The has improved.” Imhof have to smile: “My last vacation I had a year ago. I went Hiking.”

With the participation in the Tour de Suisse Imhof fulfilled a childhood dream. He also departs as strong, waving, perhaps, also with 28 years of a professional contract. “I would get Claudio immediately,” says Gisiger. And what about your own apartment? Imhof: “One day, want to pull my girlfriend and I been together.”