came Later, as he is not Swiss so far! Whether that was the reason that Federal councillor Viola Amherd (56) has brought in the help of former astronaut Claude Nicollier (74)? Because Amherd has asked the Canton of Vaud Astro-physicist, to get a second opinion about the fighter jet purchase.

Because CVP-Ms. Amherd had constricted the ready-to-use package, which had passed to her predecessor, Guy Parmelin (59, SVP) at the Start, as defense Minister, again. Before presenting the procedure for the purchase of new fighter jets and ground-based missiles to the Federal Council, want to form you own opinion.

“He is well-networked”

you should now help Nicollier. By the end of April, he will present the VBS Director be an independent analysis for the “procurement of the necessary funds for the protection of the population against the dangers from the air,” as the defense Department writes.

Based on this report, the Federal Council had decided to buy new fighter jets and ground-to-air-missiles for a total of 8 billion Swiss francs. In the consultation, the plans were cut bad.

Nicollier is Qualified, after all, He was not only in space, but until 2004, and militia, a military pilot. However, An F/A-18 he flew never. A F5E-Tiger, those Jet, the Patrouille Suisse. “And he is mats beyond the country’s borders very well-connected in the flight scene,” VBS speaker Renato calf.

Over 1000 hours in Orbit

in 1944 in Vevey-born Nicollier was, according to the study of physics in Lausanne, and Astro-physics, in Geneva, as an astrophysicist. He had, also, to the military, lines and test pilot training.

in 1978, he was selected for the first astronaut of the European space Agency (ESA). In the framework of an agreement between ESA and the US space Agency Nasa, he received the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas for a training on the American space Shuttle “Space Shuttle”. After several years in Houston he took part between 1992 and 1999 on four space missions, where he spent a total of more than 1000 hours in Orbit.

Its Premiere in All of which took place from 31. July to 8. August 1992. At the time, Nicollier on Board the Space Shuttle “Atlantis circled” in the context of the STS-46 Mission in eight days 136 times the earth, which to him, former Swiss Federal councillor Adolf Ogi (76) 7. August reigns with his quickly to the quip that has become “joy, Monsieur Nicollier” congratulated.

He donates his fee

On his last Mission, Nicollier was for repair work on the Hubble space telescope during about 8 hours outside the space Shuttle. Today, he is a member of the “Swiss Space Center” in Lausanne and Professor at the ETH Lausanne. The mandate for Amherd, he is in parallel

And even more: How the VBS writes, perceive Nicollier was a Fan of the militia principle, whereby citizens take on part – time or volunteer public Offices and tasks. Therefore, he will give his fee for the report of a still to be determined charitable Institution. Then call well-pleased: “joy!” (sf)