Around 100 pages includes the report of the CVP national councillor Claude Béglé (69), nearly one hour, the presentation thereof: The politician explains his view on North Korea and the controversial trip, for which he earned positive Tweets about the country of dictator Kim Jong-Un is a Shitstorm.

At the presentation of the report, Claude Béglé is more critical than in the Tweets. “I’m not a Fan of communism. And I’m not a admirer of totalitarian regime!” The Propaganda in the country was omnipresent, and the freedom of the citizens is being restricted.

age to fight thaws again

That Béglé is justified right now, is no coincidence. The CVP in the Canton of Vaud is under pressure, a Seat may be lost. However, even if you can keep the seat, is not safe, that Béglé returns to Bern. With Jacques Neirynck (88) is also a candidate to be a fierce opponent from within its own ranks.

Béglé and Neirynck joins the party, but not much more. Neirynck is considered to be highly educated, celebrated as a scientist and author of success, writes the “Aargauer Zeitung”. Béglé enforcement is strong, but has scandals a slope and had to as a Post-boss after only ten months back not to go, because he declared on part-time jobs in India stumbled.

back in 2011, wanted to move Béglé in the national Council, and to handle a large campaign Fund of the office of Neirynck. Unsuccessful. Neirynck won and a mud battle, special began the same. The then 80-year old national Council, was asked to resign, which the latter refused to do, however. The receipt came in the elections of 2015: Neirynck was placed on a retirement list and missed by the re-election. Béglé benefited and inherited the seat. This year, the CVP was again both on the same list — the late revenge of Neirynck could succeed.

No communication error

To prevent this from happening, you must make Béglé his North Korea-Tweets forget. Communication error he denies, however. “I have been on many trips in critical areas, for example, in the Niger, where the terrorist organization Boko Haram is active. Such a reaction on these Tweets I have experienced, however, never,” says Claude Béglé.

Whether his Tweets could cost him the national Council’s mandate, not white, Claude Béglé itself. “Ultimately the voters will decide.” The ten-day trip itself he would do but again.