When he came on to the market, held back, Lords and Ladies, posh. Because the Design of the development time were hardly used more than a couple of minutes, and the vinyl seats and PVC Mat in the footwell you could clean it with a bucket of water, but it lacked style. As a Land Rover nachbesserte, was the Range Rover a best-seller – for over 25 years.

Originally, he was intended primarily for field and hall. In 1966 development began, four years later, the first Range Rover was presented. Under the aluminum body with a ladder frame and two rigid put-axes; as a Motor, the British chose the once Buick acquired a 3.5-litre V8 engine with 132 HP, and had to move in 1770 pounds. Special Detail of the two-door Range Rover: its split-folding rear bench as well as the two-piece tailgate, where the window opened up and the lid down.

Thirsty, but afloat compared to others, but also quite expensive. And thirsty! At the brisk pace he feels like about 20 liters on 100 kilometers. But compared to other all-terrain is also above-average driving performance (0-100 km/h in 15.6 s, top 161,4 km/h) car.

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Practical and luxurious

About a quarter of a century, the first Generation of the Range Rover was built. It was always luxurious. So in 1980, the Swiss Peter Monteverdi offered in cooperation with the manufacturer, for the first time, a four-door, and in particularly precious-equipped Version. The sales numbers were limited, and so the work took over from 1981, the scepter, and built the four-door slightly modified in-house. From 1982, also with the Monteverdi-initiated automatic transmission. In 1986, the grille was adapted to the fashionable preferences, the interior is again refreshed. A tank flap well replaced the rustic, open the tank lid and was even integrated in the Central locking system.

Always bigger and more expensive

in 1992, a 20.5 inches extended variant came with more space and a 4.3 Liter engine and 202 horsepower. However, the increased in 9.9 seconds to 100 km/h accelerating Zweitönner with a price of far more than 100’000 Swiss francs, in the meantime, in Ferrari-regions. Until 1996, around 330’000 copies of the Primordial Range were built. Most recently, he was more Nobel-SUV for work device.

Our red Range of 1974 can not conceal his kinship with the workhorse Land Rover: Unfaired hinges, open the tank lid and the inside rubber coverings on the floor – at the time the Range was still more of a workhorse, than in front of the Opera drive.

4-speed transmission wants to be courageous, to be switched, the steering requires muscle strength, the window to be cranked by Hand. The mechanical noise of axles and power transmission pairs with the audible, but nice sounding V8. The 132 HP with the 1.8-tonne four-wheel drive, no trouble. The 74-Range, although not a lightweight, but feels agile and it makes fun to Drive.

A different world

A very different character is the 16 years later built Was Vogue. Be a 3.9-Liter V8 coupled to an automatic transmission. In the vehicle there is air-conditioning, electric Windows and electrically-adjustable seats, and luxurious wood inlays and floor with soft carpets. The driving impression is completely different. The late Range Rover is more reminiscent of American luxury sedans as a British all-terrain vehicle. The weight is felt, always, but it moves without effort. The transducer changes the gears unobtrusively, but for a lot of slippage and less the sound of pleasure.


Fun to make both models. The 74-Range is more for active drivers with love for the Special. The younger model for a friend of comfort and luxury.