the Plant provides fuel for 40 percent of the capital market. With the introduction of the “Euro+” the level of modernization will reach 80 percent. “Successfully implemented, is really important large-scale project… large, very fit for the Moscow region”, – said Vladimir Putin. He noted that the work was not interrupted during the epidemic, and thanked him for his professionalism.

“through the use of Russian technology and equipment to create a truly modern industrial facility with high level of automation, full-bodied digital technologies and solutions”, – said the head of state. Will significantly increase the efficiency of oil refining, increase the production of gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel. “This is all, of course, will allow more flexibility to respond to market demands, and most importantly, a stable, uninterrupted supply of fuel at filling stations and in airports in the Metropolitan region,” Putin said.

Work on a comprehensive overhaul of the plant will continue until 2025, the planned major investment of 350 billion rubles. And now not only the production but also built a modern sewage treatment plant, regular monitoring of the air. “All this sets a fundamentally new environmental standards”, – said the President.

“the most Important task for the government and for the regions – to create the conditions to such industrial projects were most actively promoted across the country, was interesting and profitable business, investors, led to the creation of skilled, well-paid jobs”, – said Putin. The focus should be on deep modernization and capacity expansion of the entire industrial base, projects of import substitution and the creation of efficient production in both traditional and new, promising industries, he said. “Moscow refinery used in the solution update can be a very good example,” said the President.

a Big event for Moscow, called the mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the launch of the “Euro+”. “The peculiarity of the plant that it is located in the city. Around him in the environmental area is home to about 800 thousand people – the whole area. And, of course, for Muscovites the important role played by the environmental component of this plant,” – said the mayor.

In 2010, the plant was in serious condition from the point of view of ecology: open oil sumps – “to stand was impossible,” the air is heavy, uncontrolled emissions, the mayor remembered. The city gave tax breaks, and the company has pledged to carry out deep reconstruction. Despite a series of economic crises and oil prices, from the program has not receded. “Today the plant is completely different from the point of view of ecology. Emissions in the Moscow river stopped… the sulphide Emissions decreased by 98 percent, generally harmful ��abrasi decreased significantly, dramatically,” – said Sobyanin. This will be one of the best high-tech, environmentally friendly plants in the world, he said.

On behalf of the President, the government has prepared additional proposals to stimulate the deep processing of oil – a bill in the state Duma, said Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak. This will allow you to create more than 15 thousand jobs and secure additional investment in the industry is about 3 trillion rubles in the next 10 years, and fully meets the national objectives spelled out in the decree.

the Complex “Euro+” the high – tech and hi-tech installations using digital technologies, artificial intelligence, said Novak. Nearly 10 years large-scale program of modernization of the plant, and the volume of investments “Gazprom Neft” has exceeded 200 billion roubles. The head of the company Alexander djukov has noticed that once stood here equipment half a century ago, but in 2011 began a large-scale modernization without interruption and without reduction of output. The complex creates a new standard for refineries, said Dyukov.