A gripping duel could have been the football Fans will not want to. Liverpool score in the semi-final of the Champions League to Barcelona. The clash promises to be pure excitement, both Teams want to win the Premier class. And for Xherdan Shaqiri (27) could mean the game against the Catalans a second spring with the Reds.

At Anfield, the national team player has. Since the end of January, the Swiss waiting for a use in the starting lineup, even as a wild card, his bet times are very limited. Between the end of February and mid-April, sat the 27-Year-old eight Times on the bench and came on as a substitute in a game. For a Minute.

On Friday and then the big Surprise. When Kant victory against Huddersfield Town (5:0), Shaqiri almost 20 minutes on the field, prepares the last goal with a beautiful Pass in the depth. It is the first prolonged use for more than two months, the Rubik’s cube is sure.

With a Shaqiri-use is hardly a

striker Roberto Firmino (27), however, the game missed due to a slight injury. Nothing dramatic, appeased coach Jürgen Klopp (51). But whether the Brazilians for the game on Wednesday is back fit, can’t say the cult of the coach. Liverpool are watching the Situation very carefully, will do everything it can to get the players fit again. Because Without him, the Team only works half as good.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Spanish radio station “Cadenaser is reporting” that Firmino will take not more than on the bench, maybe not even in the line-up will appear: “The Brazilian completed at the Tuesday Tests. And the results were not good.”

miss Firmino the semi-final first leg, Klopp’s several trumps in hand. One of them is our Nati-Star, speculated the house sheet “Liverpool Echo”. He could be back as a wing in the starting lineup, Superstar Mohamed Salah (26) changes to the Central striker Position. Klopp continued in the first half of the season again and again on this Rotation. But Divock Origi (24) and Daniel Sturridge (29) are options.

Shaqiri could be on Wednesday the Surprise in the starting line-up. With a bet against the big Barça one expects – and this is precisely where Klopp could surprise as a hard-nosed tactician once more all. The magic dwarf can make all the difference, however, is undisputed. And after his 20 minutes against Huddersfield is also clear: Hungry for victories, he is still. (CIS)