In terms of reduction of CO2 emissions is a pragmatic approach. To this end, the BDP group. VIEW white: her plans for a mobility Initiative and supports the recently launched glacier-Initiative.

Thus, the second civil party, the green liberals are already behind the Initiative, wants to drive the CO2-emissions caused by the combustion of fossil fuels such as Oil and Gas to zero by 2050.

founder: “don’t get bogged down confirmed”

The previous BDP-President and national councillor Hans Grunder (62), that the BDP will support the glacier-Initiative actively: “It also makes economic sense. Because if the framework conditions are clear, the innovations.” In addition, one should not get bogged down, but had to join forces.

the approach of the BDP shows that you trust the Parliament little more, to achieve notable progress in climate protection. SVP and FDP, had hollowed out with the support of the Parts of the CVP, the CO2 act in the Parliament in such a way that the centre-left had nothing left to sink as the law for the time being.

On the SVP can’t count the number of environmentalists in the future, the President Albert Rösti (51) has made the beginning of the year at a GLANCE. His party continues to attempt climate measures as possible to postpone – “if we can only prevent it for two years, that people pay 20 cents more for gasoline, we will have achieved something”.

Noser, Müller and silver Schmidt

here are the free Democrats, however, something is happening. Important FDP exponents such as the Zurich councillor Ruedi Noser (57) and Lucerne colleague from the Council, Damian Müller (34) to stand behind the glacier-Initiative. Also, Andri silver Schmidt (24), President of the young-minded free, welcomes their goals.

Even in the FDP-party Central you know there’s a need to move the free-thinking in matters of climate protection. The small center parties to threaten her in the election year of checkmating. The liberals, however, are faced with the Dilemma, and this also showed on the vote Sunday In the urban and more populated regions the support for the climate measures grosst, in rural areas is low.

For the preservation and increase of the Seat, the FDP must operate both areas. The party is likely to be political heavyweights grateful that you help with your dash, the brake block Image of the FDP.

Engler in the CVP ahead

Reserved for the CVP so far. Of the Grisons, CVP-Ständerat Stefan Engler (58) admits, however, clear to the glacier-Initiative. Just his CVP, with the then Minister for the environment Dortis Leuthard (55, CVP) had been with the voices of Fabio Regazzi (56) and Thomas Egger (51) in December, however, the rash, the CO2 act has been completely watered down. This has hurt the credibility of the Christian democratic climate policy are enormous.

LOOK know, that this is the reason why the CVP-Bureau advises now, soon, about whether it should recommend that the party support the Initiative.