Wrapped in a European flag and the rainbow Flag of the Gay and lesbian movement they experienced on the ground in front of the pulpit of the historic evening for the eco -.

A scene with a symbol character. Because the Greens owe their electoral success in Bavaria, among other things, also the fact that they cut in the youngest voters under 29 years of age almost as much as the CSU. It is also the party most in the past few months, clearly as a Pro-European force has shown, and, also, for years, most significantly to gender equality commitment, be it women, be it of the minority. FOCUS Online Xaver and his brother Valentin at the election party in Munich, the back of Anton Hofreiter

Win new clients

This enormous support among young people and their stability, are factors that contribute to the Green to replace in fact, the SPD, and to be a people’s party could. Not only in Bavaria but throughout Germany. While the civic center no longer frayed, and while the SPD and the Union have the former traction with workers, civil servants and the self-employed, arrived the Green in this clientele permanently.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Meuthen celebrates the “Want to” AfD result in Bavaria, as the political scientist countered, a laugh from the audience

once, after the nuclear disaster of Fukushima, enjoyed the party such a high Reputation in the population. But back then you didn’t understand it to benefit from the event in the longer term. To unprepared the Greens were gone at the time, quickly grabbed the other parties you have the sole interpretation of the theme, at least temporarily. First of all: Angela Merkel and the CDU.

hang on to your core competency

The difference to today: The Greens have maintained their Eco-literacy, but at the same time by topic so broad that they appeal to the liberal and civic center is far better than it was then. Your success seems to be sustainable.

poll: Whose Position as a party leader is weakened by the outcome of the state election in Bavaria, in their opinion, most clearly?    

stay The perfect cue for one of the main reasons why it is the Green as good as never before: In times, where all the other parties, especially on issues such as refugees or Internal security and on the occasion of the Fukushima discovered in nature-love, more and more ignore the Green. For all who are interested in only halfway for the protection of the environment or a sustainable economy, the Green are the first choice.

And these people are not only convinced by tree-huggers and high earners academics in the big cities, but also more and more farmers have had to learn in the face of the drought summer, bitterly, how relevant the topic is now. And since the topic will remain in the face of imminent Diesel-driving bans in more and more regions, more current will be able to benefit from the Green well more of your expertise in this topic.

The Greens have better visibility

The Green work but also in their outer appearance more and more as the new force of the middle. While they managed earlier again and again, with absurd suggestions (5 Mark for the litre of petrol, “Veggie-Day”) to miss themselves the stamp of the sauertöp fishing ban and Anti-fun party, you have today a much better, more modern Image. An example: While the competition from CSU over the SPD to the left party with the most testosterone-driven and pure power lust to enforce intra-party debates, even paralyze, the Green a picture of a piece. Download Here you can see the official results of the state election in 2018, in Bayern

During the Transition from the old party leadership to new crunched it only briefly, since the Green and running like a freshly-oiled sports car. The voters get the impression that the Green is more and passion discussed more than, for example, in the case of the Union parties, but in the end, they tear each other apart, not like the SPD. The result: followers are with the policy of the party, as a poll by Infratest Dimap for the ARD. There are many statements high Approval ratings. The statement “…is to defend values that are important to me” to vote 97 per cent of the Green voters.

credibility and flexibility

another crucial factor, to a large population to address layers: A party must remain in the Central areas of policy in their political base to be credible, but have the flexibility to be able to current events. As the can go, have shown the Green in the theme-complex of the refugees by way of example. Although almost all parties have slipped in this question in the past few years to the right, the Left included, remained the Green credible case of their clear refugee friendly attitude.

Nevertheless, they recognized the spirit of the times and led, triggered by an Expression of their Bundestag group chief Katrin Göring-Eckardt, a debate on the concept of Home. In the result, they understood it, to connect the word with its stem, the theme of environmental and climate protection. Motto: "he Who loves his home, doesn’t make it broken“. They penetrate in civil voter layers, which were denied to them previously. Party leader Robert Habeck even managed CSU chief Horst Seehofer in this field attack, he said. "he Who loves his home, not divide them."

Green could not

The Greens are just going to combine the civic center. However, the Greens in Bavaria have also benefited from many external factors, such as the poor image of the Grand coalition in Berlin or the fact that she was able to act as an opposition party in Bavaria and the Federal government much freer than, for instance, the SPD. In addition, the Greens are faced with a Dilemma: Despite her grandiose election result you will take in Munich in the future on the a lot of described the hard opposition bench. The former member of the Bundestag Jerzy Montag, a stalwart of the party, was therefore on election night, not 100 percent happy. He told FOCUS Online: “I have made it a policy always to make. This is a fly in the ointment.“

And it is also clear that The other parties shall not be left to the Green in the middle without a fight. In particular, the CDU, currently the only remaining national party, is expected to give everything, to attack the new main competitors. Thus, it remains to be seen whether the Greens really are become a people’s party, when the Green-Fans of Xavier and Valentin are old enough to Choose.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit question according to its own mistakes: that’s Why Andrea Nahles, left the ARD-Interview