“We are working with two of the Livestream team and send daily from the St. Michael’s Church in Fulda, as well as the city’s parish Church,” explains Archpriest Stephan Buß proud of. He still remembers the beginnings: “At 14. March was so far everything okay. On the market in Fulda, I greeted many believers and invited them to worship in the Church. Who would have thought that I would be preaching a couple of hours later, in front of empty benches.”

The Livestream is in Fulda for three years. Originally, this was meant for people in old people’s homes. “We can speak of luck that we are already using this type of worship is familiar and in the current situation is not Zero.” The first worship service of the parish Church of approximately 6,000 users followed it on Youtube. “It is a great confirmation and we are seeing consistently positive feedback. A married couple told me that they attended the divine services in the Cathedral, in the past, never, but now – on your Computer – never miss a single more.”

days of pulses per Whatsapp

The common communication network WhatsApp community also contributes to the “new” Church. “In several WhatsApp groups, I send a regular daily pulse.” Fear was in those days a very bad adviser. “I want to give people the courage and positive votes. Even in this hard time we need to stick together and trust in God,” he explains in an interview with



the telephone hotlines set up

However, not every member of the Church has access to the Internet. “For these individuals, we have set up a telephone hotline, through which you can, for example, about their Fears can talk.” Here it is often to listen, encourage and be there for each other. “Without our volunteers we would not be able to this offer is not lift.” And also a second Hotline is for the people who sit home alone, because: “An elderly lady told me that at the Moment no one after you can look. She feels lonely, scared. We call now a day. That gives her a lot of strength.”

whether you are young, old, families or Alone – the Team of the downtown parish would like to reach every believer: “We get very many submissions as photo or Video. Children to make the stations of the cross of Jesus with play mobile figures or assemble a Church. That means all of us very much.”

Easter at home?

As the Easter celebrations this year will be, thought about the Team a lot of Alternatives: whether or not multi-media family of stations of the cross, the cross, worship or palm bouquets. “We want to give our faithful the opportunity to tie up palm leaves at home and bring it in the Church. There, you will be blessed during the virtual service and can then be picked up.” The exact instructions and information should timely be released.

How will it go after Easter next, know at the Moment, still no one. Until then, Buß and his Team hope to have even more subscribers for your Youtube channel “downtown parish in Fulda”. “The first worship service in front of empty benches for me was very strange, but now for me it is a fulfillment. I see my virtual Church community, in front of me. Always.”

The entire program, specifically for the Kar and Easter days, there are: https://www.stadtpfarrei-fulda.de/fuldakatholischestadtpfarrei/ (Nina Bastian)

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