Next week, the EU election starts. The approximately 305’000 foreign German in Switzerland are called on to make her cross. However, one must not: The city of Frankfurt has denied Benjamin O. (30) the participation in the EU election.

The reason: His request, him to the register of electors to be received too late. Abroad, the German must do so by letter. What is the Zurich-based company of consultants fact is also well-behaved.

“rejection is arbitrary!”

On Tuesday, 30. April, Benjamin O. his letter – via Swiss A-Post. The electoral office in Frankfurt, the letter came on the 3. May, like the stamp on the cancellation of shows. Time he would be up at 5. May of had. Nevertheless, the city of Frankfurt, the 30 not reported-Year-olds, the processing of the application was due to the alleged delay.

“I have the feeling that I’ve done nothing wrong, and yet I may exercise my fundamental right,” says Benjamin O. to VIEW. “The refusal is arbitrary and not understandable.”

Benjamin O. believes this is a Mistake. Since twelve years he is allowed to choose at the Federal and EU level. Missed, he has no choice. Via email he insisted.

Technical error, or simply too troublesome?

The administration’s response is devastating. She claims The request was only at 6. May received one day after deadline at the end of a recording in the register of voters was therefore “not possible”. And the date? Allegedly a technical error.

For Benjamin O. is not the justification to understand. “The law says The application must be received by the deadline will not be processed.” That the application arrived actually after the deadline, is unlikely. “The explanation I think is absolutely unbelievable.” At the request of a VIEW does not want to comment on the city on Thursday.

Benjamin O. has also contacted the Federal returning officer. The informed him in writing on Friday morning, he had to insert it at the local level, opposition hand. (ins)