As an example of the just presented the electric study, Ami One of the Citroën’s called the Smart Fortwo. However, the 2.50-metre-long French cube is on wheels are still 17 inches shorter than the German counterpart. The main difference to the Smart, however, lies in the weight: 450 kg, the Citroën weighs only half as much, because it is mostly made of plastic.

an Alternative to public TRANSPORT

“I see this project as a product that can be integrated into an Ecosystem,” said Citroën chief Xavier Peugeot, the idea. The maximum of 45 km/h and 100 km in all-electric far future Ami One wants to be an Alternative to public TRANSPORT or Bicycle and scooter. Customers should be able to rent the vehicle occasionally or regularly, either personally or as a group or share. For five minutes, several hours, days, months, or even years.

A mobility object

The Citroën study is more of the mobility object as a means of personal transport. Car sharing is therefore, at the Ami One is a key Element. For all fees, regardless of whether it’s a short rental or longer term use – load costs, maintenance and Parking included in the monthly payment. The entire Handling is done via a Smartphone App. And to start the vehicle is also open by phone.

Identical doors

Inside, there’s next to two colorful Seats, a digital instrument cluster and a Head-up Display for the Navi. A small pivot element to the right of the small instrument panel of the E start Motor and the speed level selected. Behind the Seats there is a small Luggage compartment with a removable shopping bag. Cost of both doors are identical in construction. The driver’s door to open in opposite directions, the front passenger door conventional.

“For the First is the Ami One, a study”, does not want to set Citroën-boss of Peugeot for the future. Many in the PSA group to see the smallest of Citroën, but already as a new cult object as once the Döschwo.