“citizens removed all responsibility for the verification of meters, but it remains the responsibility of monitoring the safety of the metering device, if installed in their area of responsibility (for example, apartment or the land plot, where a private house),” explained “the Russian newspaper” the press service of the Ministry of energy.

It concerns the metering of electricity, but not for the other meters, particularly water meters.

January 2022 effect of requiring the installation of smart meters, which will be a key element of smart metering of energy. But the cost to install them is vested in the energy company.

Smart metering will allow online to monitor the readings, and the data will be automatically transferred to the company. In addition, such counters will record the voltage level and frequency, allowing you to monitor power quality. Also, when metering users the ability to remotely change the tariff.

the Replacement of metering devices on the intellectual will happen gradually.

New consumers to install them in the framework of technological connection, and the existing meters will be replaced as failure or the expiration of the calibration interval.