Citizens can give the right to sell the mortgaged property at a bargain price

so far, the citizen whose property is pledged to the Bank can only sell it through public bidding or auction. As explained by the Deputy, in practice it is implemented at a low price. Moreover, the person is forced to pay extra for the services of the organizer of the auction (up to 3% of property value), and in some cases – and even the Executive fee (7% of the property value), as well as the work of the appraiser. But a citizen turned in an already difficult situation.

Photo: Andrii Yalanskyi/ iStock Supreme court explained how the agreement on the division of property

you Need to create clear legal procedure, the MP assured.

a Citizen who intend to refuse performance of obligations under the contract, will apply to the Bank. He gives permission for half a year to implement the property.

According to the bill sets the minimum price at which the property may be sold to offset the remaining cost of debt of a citizen.

It “gives the possibility to the market price to implement housing, actively to find a buyer,” said Irina Yarovaya.

– If within six months he successfully solves this task, is a tripartite agreement, which fully provides compensation payments to the Bank, she said. – But most importantly – creates the possibility of a citizen in excess of the amount that he owes the Bank, real money that would allow him to compensate for their previously incurred costs.

the changes will protect the interests of the people, giving the possibility of debt repayments on favourable terms for him, she said.

According to the explanatory Memorandum, the bill is designed to safeguard citizens and the balance of interests on creditization and borrowers.

the Bill has already been upheld by the Federal court bailiffs service, the Central Bank and the Duma faction “United Russia”, the Deputy said.