Celebrities With close to 500,000 recorded cases worldwide and it does not come as a surprise that more and more hollywood stars, the royals and other celebrities have come forth to report that they were hit by the same name.First, there was Tom Hanks, then Idris Elba and prince Albert ii of Monaco, and recently it also became apparent that the British prince Charles, is positive and has been tested for the virus. This is especially among the general public, both in Europe and the US, a lot of vragenrijzen: how can it be that the celebrities have, however, been extensively tested in the corona, whereas the ‘ordinary people’ can’t seem to?

The wife of the Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, the ‘Luther’actor Idris Elba, the prince Albert ii of Monaco, ‘Bond actress Olga Kurylenko, talkshowhost, Andy Cohen, and the Uk’s prince Charles, the list of famous people who have been infected with the COVID-19 and will be getting longer and longer. Although, internationally, there is much to praise about it, how different countries deal with the situation, ask for a lot of people are wondering why it is that public figures, as a quick test,and while the vast majority of the population in the U.S. and in many European countries, is struggling to find out if they are überhauptwel a test to be able to get it. Especially as several celebrities expressed few or no symptoms, while citizens ‘ complaints in the different countries are to be rejected.

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As it broke yesterday a lot of protest in the United Kingdom, when it was found out that prince Charles is positive, it has been tested on the solar corona.“Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that Charles is to be tested, and that’s it for now, right? But I do hope that our health care workers within the NHS (in the National Health Service, ed. ), with the same promptness as a test to be allowed to experience as they are concerned,” was it you on Twitter. There is also a lack of testing, which means that the Uk’s NHS has decided that only patients in the hospital to be tested for corona. Those who are sick at home or even those who work in the health care sector, will simply refuse to test.

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