Under “Save the Circus” was looking for Oliver Skreinig (40) on the platform Wemakeit 75’000 francs. On Friday at 17.00 the month-long period from the time of delivery. Just 2821 francs twelve supporters came together, some of which go back to the donor.

the circus Director has called in a emotional video message to rescue the over 250-year-old company. Space rent, changes in the bills, repair the vehicles, and the cost of production of the season 2020 would mean for his circus a big fight. “We need Your help!” it was said at the end of the call for Donations.

For the circus Director, the Bankrupt is not a tragedy – he says

Now the big Bust. Through the Crowdfunding, no cents flows into the pockets of the company. But of tribulation, no trace of bubbles. Director Skreinig is extremely self-aware. “This is not a tragedy. I have private people in the back, the support the Circus financially.” Even if this was to be a very tough year, he works with high pressure on the program for 2020. Premiere he wants to on 6. March, in Weinfelden TG to celebrate. He uses camels, llamas, a roller skate and a pet number.