The winter camp of a Circus Royal Director Oliver Skreinig was inspected in January and February several times. The Schaffhausen Canton has established a veterinarian for defects. So, among other things, llamas, horses, and Bactrian camels during the whole day were kept with too little light in the tent, such as the “Schaffhauser Nachrichten” reports. Animals had no outlet.

among the other defects, the lack of a holding permit for the Bactrian camels and the Watusi cattle were not registered with the animal traffic database.

Because Skreinig also took on the invitation to remedy the deficiencies that fluttered in the summer, the order of punishment when the circus Director in the house. He will have to pay 800 francs buses and 350 Swiss francs fee. The reason: multiple Violation of the animal protection act and the Federal act on the combating of animal diseases.

To a lot of Stress for the Director

Skreinig denies, according to the newspaper, the attitude defects, paid for the buses anyway. He criticises the fact that the Cantonal veterinarians know about when it comes to the keeping of circus animals. In addition, his circus would be considered unusually often. Because the controls were stressful, he can be so even a sedative to prescribe, he says, compared to the “Schaffhauser Nachrichten”.

In the past year the circus made for negative headlines. He went to bankruptcy. Skreinig, the company introduced more then.