The Show is not perfect: Instead of Magnesium, the artist manages with sawdust, around the pole climb, the music transitions are bumpy and the lighting could be better. But the Circus of Beat Breu (61) has something much more important: heart.

“I felt in imagination, transported back to my Childhood,” says Walter Eggenberger (75). “So I have the ideas of Circus Knie in memory.” Especially liked the former “10vor10”-presenter, the appearance of Valentina Pellanda (64). She was about 30 years, with their sea lions in show business on the road. In the Breu-Circus with vocals by the Transitions between the numbers.

It’s a family Show. The artist who dances across the rope, from gives in the break, also the drinks. The detrimental to your appearance by no means – on the contrary, it makes it personal and personable.

animals were showing off due to a disease outbreak in Austria

Breu stay offers everything the nostalgic circus heart desires: trapeze, jugglers and a magician, the Tricks in the Look of Indiana Jones. The new numbers are, but it is precisely the Familiar that makes the charm.

Lack to do only the animals, what regrets Breu until the end. “The belong to the classic circus, as the Clowns.” The ponies, horses and camels had to stay because of a disease outbreak in Austria. The ban on Imports of Switzerland is considered to 25. September. “I hope you will come again and look at the whole Show,” says Breu, as he passed from the applauding audience.

As a Young boy for the circus, even the school

skipped In the first row sat the 88-year-old mom of Breu. It confirms once more, that Beat was already as a small Boy obsessed with Clowns and artists: “He wanted to play nothing else, and has even skipped school to get a taste of the circus air.”

The “mountain flea”, the nickname of the Cycling legend, has done it, his dream of owning a circus is true, the Premiere was a success.

If the seats in the 600-person-tent also in the future filled so well? “We want the Beat of the heart, he deserves it,” says musician Toni Vescoli, one with his wife, Ruth, also to the premiere guests.