A white short sleeve shirt and bow tie: The Beat Breus (61) Directors-Uniform for the moment, for he has so persistently gechrampft. Alone he stands in the spotlight of the circus ring of the circus are 600 seats almost fully occupied. For the Premiere in Winterthur, ZH, especially old friends came. “Of course it is brave, if you know, has abandoned the Circus Nock,” said Hans-jörg Hügli (61), the Breu since 1979, the Tour-de-Suisse-times. “But I think the Beat creates, he is a fighter and makes the heart’s blood.”

Also on prominent support in the as a mountain flea called Velo-legend was allowed to count. Toni Vescoli (77) came for moral support, as well as the former “10 before 10”-speaker Walter Eggenberger (75). You know a carnival, order of St. Gallen: “He was quite foolish because of this circus, now he did it,” says Eggenberger. “I hope he has a good accountant.”

Beat Breu defying all the doubters

a Fool at the circus, that was Breu as a little Boy, after he led second-to-last year in the Circus, Royal Bistro, it starts now, despite all the doubters with his own circus. The tent is up, the red carpet is rolled out. Breu seems to himself to wonder a bit: “It’s a stroke of luck that we got the tent of the circus family Lauenburger from Austria.” It was a kind of rent with option to buy.

However, Breu must enter the arena to Welcome alone, actually, would have to Pony Pasha escort. But it had to stay together with other horses, and camels in the Vorarlberg (A). “A race win is easier, because you’re alone for the victory. But to bring a circus to Run, one is dependent on others. And officials sit at the longer lever.”

Not a single animal was in Switzerland

enter The veterinary office of the Canton of Zurich has imposed a ban on Imports of all animals, this in connection with cases of bovine tuberculosis. “Our animals were all healthy, they were examined by a veterinary. Leave you may, but in Switzerland they don’t let you in,” says Breu.

Discouraged, he can not because of this: “We have lost a stage, but the race is still a long way.” Because to improvise Breu white: Be program best horse riding circus artists, Clowns, and a singer, instead of his own orchestra, in the city of music Winterthur for the musical Greeting. One of the Premiere agreement, the courage of Breu: “you dare so what 60, is admirable,” says Marcel Weber (61), singer of “Greta”-Song.

The first mood of the circus Director, his friends and Acquaintances cheerful. The circus until the next Sunday. Whether the seats are filled yet so good? You want it Beat Breu.