The Swiss cabaret artist Valentina Pellanda (64) is desperate. Her former employer, the circus Director, Beat Breu (61) does not want to pay her her wage. “Beat still owes me 4400 francs, and the net”, she says to LOOK. “To date, he has paid me a single centime.”

“In my whole career, never

experienced” Since the opening night on 5. August in Winterthur, ZH, she had, after all, one of the largest roles in the meanwhile, closed Circus Beat Breu. She was circus choreographer, and led, with singing by the Transitions between the numbers. If you are asked about your Compensation, from wich one. “There was always the, you’ll get your money next week. I feel betrayed. So what I have experienced in my whole career, never.”

For Valentina Pellanda, the circus is Broke especially bitter: the end of July, first she lost her beloved sea lion Caesar (†31). “It was nice to have with this new commitment, distraction and not having to always cry,” said Pellanda, which was about 30 years, with their sea lions in show business on the road. “I’ve Beat plugged familiar, and my whole soul into the performances in the Manage . Now all so is sad.”

Pellanda grabbed finally of your suitcase

at the beginning of August, the oral agreement was made. “Then I would have from the 5. August, every Sunday, to get a part of the fee,” says the artist. As you at 17. August saw still no rapping, burst the collar: “I Packed my suitcase and I’m gone.” On the Monday after the circus closed, the tents were dismantled, the tour cancelled.

However, as VIEWS, plans Velo-legend Breu already his Comeback in the ring – even in this season, with a smaller tent, and again under the name Circus Beat Breu. For Valentina Pellanda another slap in the face: “How to make a circus, if you have no money?”, she asks. “First, you have to pay the artists and then all the others.” They got sick of it, to be of the Breus continue to put off, and check legal action. Pellanda: “I must finally pay my bills.” The couple Breu does not want to comment on the request from the VIEW to the allegations.