it will be attended by the rector of the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography Vladimir Malyshev, Director of the production center “VGIK-Debut” and the International festival of VGIK, Director and producer Fedor Popov, Director Vladimir Hotinenko, Alexander Kott, Alexander Tsoy and others. We will focus on topics which are of concern to many in the film industry, education, and beyond.

How to remotely protect your diploma or pass the entrance exams VGIK? Is it possible to organize distance training of actors, Directors, artists, operators, and representatives of other film professions? What is the role and importance of openings? Measures of state support debuts in the movie: do I need to change them? On that note, when you make your first film? What’s happening with festivals in General, and will, as planned, at the previously appointed time international student festival VGIK? As an example of Cinematography working today, the film schools of the country?

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