CIA more than half a century was spying on 120 countries of the world

the CIA more than 50 years spied on the States through the Swiss equipment to transmit classified information. Found out journalists of the German TV company ZDF and the American newspaper The Washington Post. To use this cryptosystem is around 120 countries.

letter by Letter encrypted message to the military, spies and diplomats during world war II, during the cold war and in the twenty-first century. Improved machines, mechanisms, but one thing remained constant – all encryption keys Swiss company-manufacturer invariably passed on to its owners, the CIA and German intelligence.

Dozens of countries from Mexico and Chile to Indonesia and Japan Switzerland paid billions for encryption technique, and in fact for the money passed on their secrets to the Americans and the Germans. Believe in the neutrality of the Swiss, even Iran and Libya.

“Gaddafi has a satisfactory financial resources have always purchased good technique to encrypt all the negotiations. And his line almost all were protected,” says corresponding member of the Academy of military Sciences Sergey Sudakov.

At least in the security of their correspondence believed Muammar Gaddafi. Here is a picture of negotiations Jimmy Carter and Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. He left the White House, Sadat immediately sent a coded message to Cairo. A matter of hours and the content of the secret messages on the table at the American leader.

Carter, apparently, was so interested in this system, even of her own brother. Intelligence intercepted what should have been. It became known that bill Carter – Jimmy’s brother received millions in payments from Gaddafi. The case eventually was dismissed.

According to some data, the Crypto system or similar used even in 2011. “When was the operation to eliminate bin Laden. This Opera was held in a foreign country — Pakistan. And believe me — to get to Pakistan is impossible without an understanding of the keys to their networks,” said Sudakov.

didn’t trust the Swiss and did not buy their equipment, only two countries – the USSR and China. In Moscow and Beijing used exclusively their own equipment.

“We take everything new that has appeared, technical innovations and scientific knowledge. It is clear that were engaged in exploration in order to improve their school. But our schools are the best in the world”, — said the Deputy of the state Duma, employee of the Chief Directorate of the KGB of the USSR (until 1991) Nikolai Ryzhak.

Experts remember that dozens of companies, not only Crypto, tried to deliver the equipment to us. But each time, proving that the technique needs to keep secrets, these secrets open. “We used the services of several well-known firms. As a rule, all this was fraught. We found the appropriate bookmark. And some wore the dormant character. And they began to act in case of aggravation of the situation,” said Ryzhak.

However, the Soviet Union conducted a secret correspondence with client countries, the Swiss company with the same Iran, Latin America and Africa. Did this Soviet data vulnerable? The journalists of the Washington Post in his new investigation, I suppose. But Russian cryptographers believe that there is. To conduct encrypted correspondence, the experts at the two ends must use equipment of the same manufacturer.

“the Situation when one side of the line is the Soviet technique, and on the other side of the line as a receiving technique is the production of Crypto — impossible. To submit themselves to the keys which are developed by the Soviet side, were loaded in the car, not trusted and made by someone unknown — highly unlikely. Rather, it is the imagination of the journalists of The Washington Post,” — said General Director of NPK “Kryptonite” Vartan Khachaturov.

However, even in this situation, a number of American journalists concluded that the blame for the surveillance – not the United States, and Russian. Why? Yes, because the best mathematicians and cryptographers – because of Russia. Even the founder of Crypto and the inventor of the first machine – Boris Hagelin was born in our country. From Russia and his partner William Friedman. So, Americans write, encryption in the blood of Russian, and the CIA only skillfully use.