Chuychenko: we Need to codify the input of pandemic measures on a global level

“In the near future, inevitably the question arises about the need of codification imposed norms, they arch into a single system, perhaps even in a single legislative act may be, even with the General and special parts, with clear definitions of terms, an exhaustive description of the different legal regimes”, said Konstantin Chuichenko.

Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko/TASS/host photo Agency TASS Konstantin Chuichenko spoke about the success of the legal forum in St Petersburg

According to him, of course, required codification and standardization measures at the international level. “Otherwise we will inevitably be faced with double standards, and this would entail grave consequences, – said Konstantin Chuichenko. – So now the question arises about the improvement of the current international legal regulation. In my opinion, such work can be started on one of the relevant international sites as soon as conditions permit. The outcome must be the preparation of a draft international Treaty, and from our side we are working with the Ministry of foreign Affairs is ready to actively join in this work together with our partners. I believe that all the restrictions that now impose a state shall be made on the basis of clear procedures for the preservation of democracy. The focus should be on developing common standards to the issue of limitation of rights”.

Full text of interview of the Minister of justice of Russia Konstantin Chuichenko read in the nearest number “RG”