For the energy supply of the future Maiskogo Mining in Chukotka will pay the investor — Kazakh KAZ Minerals. According to “Kommersant”, the government actually agreed on a scheme worth 82 billion RUB using a floating LNG plant NOVATEK. In case the implementation rates for KAZ Minerals under a bilateral contract will be of 6.34 rubles. per 1 kW•h. the Final solution needs to take Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in mid-August.“B” made acquainted with the final calculation of circuits of power supply Maiskogo GOK (belongs to KAZ Minerals) in the far East to be discussed at the meeting with Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski in mid-August. Two options — floating LNG plant NOVATEK for 356 MW in the port of Nalangan and construction of transmission lines from Magadan, was discussed at a meeting in the Ministry on 4 August. According to the results the majority of participants supported the option of building an LNG plant. In a press-service of the government, “Kommersant” have confirmed that mister Mishustin plans to visit the far East, the working agenda is formed.Naimski copper-gold project acquired Kazakh KAZ Minerals in 2018 in Roman Abramovich, Alexander Abramov and his partners for $900 million (the bulk of the money, the rest — approximately 5% of the shares of KAZ Minerals). The Peschanka Deposit located within the licensed area Baskoy with the resources of 9.5 million tonnes of copper and 16.5 million ounces of gold, one of the ten largest undeveloped in the world. Private investment in the project is estimated at 519 billion rubles, implementation period — up to 2026.NOVATEK offers by 2024 to establish in the port of Cape Nalangan Chaunskaya Bay floating LNG plant, including LNG storage, regasification and installation of combined cycle power units. CAPEX for the entire project, according to interlocutors “Kommersant”, is about 82,6 bln RUB., including the cost of the station (38 billion rubles.), coastal structures and dredging (18.3 billion RUB.) and construction power lines Nalangan—gerbil with a length of 428 km (26,24 bn). This scheme provides for the conclusion of a bilateral agreement with KAZ Minerals. As wrote “Kommersant” on March 26 considered the option of partial project funding through the allowance for the wholesale energy market, but he decided to give up.The average rate has been lower than expected earlier, of 6.34 RUB. per 1 kWh, including 0,44 RUB. per 1 kWh — the tariff for transmission. KAZ Minerals, according to interlocutors, “b”, insisted at a rate not higher than 6,7 RUB NOVATEK wanted about of 6.96 RUB the Cost of fuel and other parameters of the project NOVATEK did not comment. The company can supply LNG for thermal power plants from their plants in the Gulf of Ob.In the alternative project we are talking about the construction of transmission lines from the Magadan energy system. Its cost — 108,3 billion rubles, the rate is 11.8 rubles. per 1 sq��•h KAZ Minerals declined to comment, the Ministry of energy did not answer, in the Ministry noted that the decision on the scheme of power supply is still pending and comments are premature.In “RusHydro”, which oversees the energy sector in the far East, expressed support for the project of construction of thermal power plant for LNG in the Bay of Nalangan “as the most technically and economically reasonable”. Option with construction of transmission lines, according to the company, more expensive and creates risks for energy supply Maiskogo GOK and consumers in the region, because it can lead to regular blackouts isolated Magadan energy system. In RusHydro noted that the construction of VL 220 kV Nalangan—gerbil is planned at the expense of the budget, the company can not participate, but getting the objects into operation under the terms of the lease.Under the current program of equalization of electricity tariffs in the far East, the average consumer in the region gets the rate at the rate of 5 rubles per 1 kW•h, is reminiscent of Vladimir Sklyar from “VTB Capital”. “So, in this project, consumers will pay about a quarter above the average far Eastern fare, but obviously significantly less than the average world price of competitors,” he said.In addition to energy infrastructure, the mining project also requires the construction of haul roads gerbil—Bilibino—Nalangan length of 428 km, and its estimated cost — 70,9 billion rubles funding Source is not identified, there is the option of allocation of transfers to the government of Chukotka from the Federal budget.Tatiana Woodpecker