Chapter of the criminal code "RUSNANO" Anatoly Chubais said that in his office are portraits of very important for his public and political figures of the early twentieth century liberal Peter Struve Vasily Maklakov.

"these are portraits of very important people to me. One of them is named Peter Struve, another name is Vasily Maklakov. It’s two people who, in fact, created by Russian liberalism – the liberalism of the first wave, which reached fantastic success in our history, totally unknown to anyone, unfortunately," – said Chubais at the presentation of a textbook on renewable energy.

"the Success, consisting in the fact that these people managed to change the political system in the country without any armed or terrorist methods. In contrast to all revolutionaries they are the power of words changed the political system of the country – the monarchy of Russia into a constitutional monarchy," he said.

Peter Struve, a famous Russian public and political figure, philosopher and economist. Left Russia after the 1917 revolution.

Vasily Maklakov, a lawyer, Deputy of the State Duma, one of leaders of the cadets. In October 1917 he was appointed Ambassador of the Russian Republic in France. After coming to power of Bolsheviks were in exile.