the Current structure of the economy and technological order are clearly out of date, said the Chairman of the Board “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais in an interview with Forbes. “If the horse died, it must be off” he said, stressing the dependence of the Russian economy on oil prices.

Chubais believes that the price of oil this year will not rise above $ 40 per barrel, so to earn on the sale of raw materials, as before, will not succeed. According to him, even price cut, after which the oil revenues go into the budget, set at 42.4 percent.

the Current situation the head of “RUSNANO” compared with the alarm bell over, noticing that she, “though not after one or three years, but leads to a dead end”. However, he criticized the expression “to get off the oil needle” because it already sounds about 15 years, but still oil and gas in Russia is “20 percent of GDP, 40 percent of the budget and 60 percent of exports”.

Chubais is sure that out of the crisis Russia will be able, developing an innovation economy.