the 11-year-old Kia is scheduled to start again at Rørvig Friskole the 20. april. But it fills her with a guilt that was going to school. For thought, if she came to take the corona with the home.

Kias mother, Maria Henriksen, is chronically ill and in the particular risk group.

And it is the Kia very aware of that.

“My daughter says it will be her fault if I was infected,” says Maria Henriksen, who also is pregnant in the 7. month.

Maria Henriksen and her husband try to calm the Kia, when she feels guilt over having in school.

“We say to her, that it is not her fault, if she rubs me. But she understands not. We say that it is okay if she is going to take the infection home with them,” says Maria Henriksen.

But it is a dilemma for the family. In fact, it is not okay.

the 37-year-old Maria Henriksen has a autoimmunsygdom, which has weakened her immune system to such an extent, that makes, that she will not survive to be infected with corona. A simple flu turns Maria Henriksen out in three weeks.

“Just as it here broke out called my doctor and said that I was off sick from my work as the replacement consultant with the same. So it was I, and we have also taken our precautions about corona ever since. We will not come out. We do nothing,” says Maria Henriksen.

that is Precisely why 11-year-old Kia, well aware that the corona can be dangerous for her mother.

Kia has no play dates had since the corona started, they do not come out of the house, and Kia can no longer take his father out to act.

But it is not only Kia, who feel guilt. It makes Maria Henriksen also.

“I have from the beginning promised my daughter that we, the adults, would take care of her in it here. Now I feel that I do not hold what I promise. It makes me sad as a mother that she is now and is worried. It is me who must make sure that she has it good,” says Maria Henriksen.

And it is not just to explain to Kia that she should not have a bad conscience.

Kia is very sensitive. She is being provided for autism, which makes her very sensitive. Has she hurt anyone in the school, she thinks on it and apologize about it for several months afterwards.

“She will never forgive herself if she infected me after having been in the school,” says Maria Henriksen.

Therefore, the family has now taken the decision that Kia is not going to school d. 20. april. Maria Henriksen keeps her at home.

This relates to both Maria henriksen’s health, but also about Kias guilt.

“If Kia was going to school, it would be me who would pick and bring her, since my husband is the driver and the meetings very early. It would mean that I had to go out of the house and expose myself to additional risk,” says Maria Henriksen.

the Family hopes, however, that the Kia may be exempt from teaching, so she does not get absence.