“This is almost as bad as to sit and smoke in a car with children in the backseat. I don’t think that is acceptable any longer.”

Christopher Juul-Jensen has much heart on an unusually spring day in march. The world and Denmark is hit by the coronavirus.

“I think it is inappropriate, when people are trying to show a stubbornness to behave as if they are not worried and will still reserve to itself the right to be out and go around freely,” says Mitchelton-Scott-the rider is about people who are defying the government and the public authorities ‘ recommendations – almost as a matter of principle.

“the Reason why one should not go out, should not be to avoid the infection and become sick,” he continues.

No. The reason why you have to let it be, is that one must take into consideration those who are really suffering under present conditions. Why has Christopher Juul-Jensen, an urge to speak up.

The 30-year-old cyclist uses some tough when he has to describe certain people’s behavior. “Disrespectful”. “They should pull themselves together”. “A matter of taking responsibility”.

“It is the next two weeks, you really should make an effort to try to minimize the load on our health care system and the vulnerable,” he says of those who end up to be most the pressure of the situation purely acute.

For health care can’t keep up with, if the infection continues with the same speed. And so it is the older and the weak, that can really come in danger because of coronaviruses. It tells the authorities that Christopher Juul-Jensen roses.

just As he praises the strong community spirit, the danes exhibit. But it can be even better.

“Let now be to contribute to a potential escalation of the pressure. Now I am standing and looking out over the square, where I live. Going people around, they should be allowed to, as long as there are large gatherings. But anyway: If there is no great necessity to do it, shows you a little respect by keeping himself as much within as possible,” he believes, and continues:

“You can’t let be thinking about the rhetoric that it is a particular group of people, who are in danger. There goes a sigh of relief through those who are not. It is a scary thought and, therefore, that it is then necessary to remind people that you can put others ‘ lives in danger, if you behave as normal. Everyone’s life has a value, even if it is 89. It is important to keep in mind.”

Christopher Juul-Jensen living by the highways. Of pedaling, eat kilometerne, feel the fresh air on the ears and the landscapes that whiz past.

But it must forego during the crisis, where he was cycling in his living room at home in the apartment in inner Copenhagen.

in turn, puts he for real value on those who “keep the society running”: Educators and health care.

Until the world finds its normal state, run Christopher Juul-Jensen no race. Everything is suspended.

in Fact, his team Mitchelton-Scott headquarters close to Milan. Therefore, it would be utterly impossible for the team to run the race, if they had been scheduled, because it is not feasible to run the equipment out of Italy under the current circumstances.

The French stage race Paris-Nice defied the common, and continued to be settled, even though virtually all other cycling chose to shut down. The massive pressure meant that the race only ran seven legs out of eight, although many really figured that you would stop the course before.

“It pissede me to see Paris-Nice, continue, I got the feeling that the sport could not stand quite as much together as in the other cases. It has happened since, I think, but it frustrated me,” acknowledges Christopher Juul-Jensen.

Until he gets a rygnummer on again, he will continue pedaling in the living room close to Nørreport. And urge for calm.

Christopher Juul-Jensen took part in the B. T.’s Facebook-live Tuesday. It you can revisit here.