Almost half of advent is over, Christmas is getting closer. And the big unwrap under the Christmas tree. Now, what could hide in the beautifully packaged Parcel. So the Online portals Digitec and Galaxus have investigated the search behavior of your customers.

Especially popular are the classic Lego and Playmobil are this year. A cheap beginner kit is the best-selling product, but a Lego roller coaster for a whopping 429 francs. Place in a Aston-Martin-Set is also made of building blocks. More Harry Potter Sets are in demand.

electronics from the USA and China,

But the children could, from the 25. December, also with Bullet trains and magnetic building blocks play, if it will behave after the Sale, on the Portal of the Migros subsidiary.

In the case of the Older electronic products are in high demand. Swiss Apple to keep the Fidelity. But the Huawei devices are often intended to lie under the tree. Also popular are the consoles Nintendo Switch. Women fly finally on a hair style product from Dyson.

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Overall, want to spend the Swiss this year, for your gifts of 310 francs, a survey by the consulting firm EY shows. Even more popular than game money gifts and coupons are 2018.