Werner Tiki coastal-maker, Born in 1953, is married and has three children. The Journalist lives in Gröbenzell near Munich, Germany. The trained as a Protestant pastor (since 2006 voluntary work) since Childhood continuously as a cartoonist. Today, he has over 100 books published, including the global bestseller “Simplify your life: Easier and happier life”. 10 tips from the experts

1. Staade-time ade

you Have not a bad Conscience, if it is during the advent time more hectic. Time pressure in December is normal: after all, it is the shortest month of the year, because everything must. before the 23 December will be ready.

2. Time to give

you Say to an agreed Meeting, to give you an appointment in the days before the 24.12. free. All of the features!

3. Family conference

together, Call them all and replace each other: How to sacred to run in the evening? What has annoyed last year, what was lacking? The classic: mom thinks that all expect a big menu, but actually all are much too saturated.

4. Mom relieve

wonderful gift for the mother Of one of the holidays to the Restaurant to eat. Tip: reserve in advance!

5. All to do with

conclusion with “method a guest of the hotel!” Who is expecting on Christmas eve, the big Show, should get the job done. Clamp children and guests a quiet, then get bored less. To decorate the tree together, Christmas music, Guezli baking and fine tea or drink mulled wine. Also the Christmas Menu is the same: everything goes faster. The topic of drinks delegate to the men.

6. House cleaning move

In the candlelight no one can see the old dust. For Cleaning there is enough time between the years.

7. Worship schedule

Now the start times check-in: In the box in front of the Church, often on the Internet or in the local newspaper. Especially mood: Christmas mass, mostly against 22 o’clock. Insider’s tip: 1. Holiday mornings, because the Church is decorated nice, but not a scramble.

8. Purchases away from the table

the Gifts If you explain the necessary new Bicycle for the son for Christmas gift, need to get the other Equivalent – the “arms race” begins. You give so prefer something symbolic and so avoid the battle for the best and most expensive gift.

9. Freedom

If a lot of visitors will be expected to: together, they only all around the table. They also plan actions in small groups. They allow each of you to be alone. Otherwise, the hut Koller threatens!

10. Be grateful

at Christmas we celebrate that God became man and we were blessed by him. Turn, therefore, from the gift of stress on gratitude. Instead of: “help, gives me something and I don’t have anything for him!” so: “Thank you that I get something!”

In the hustle and bustle before Christmas is a great risk, even what to capture. With reason, it can greatly minimize.