Pushers, which have created insecurity and turmoil in the area of Christiania, is not welcome at the reopening.

After the closure of Christiania in Copenhagen 21. march has several sellers of illicit drugs are operated in the nearby streets. Sunday they get a clear rallying cry in a press release from Christiania:

Dealers may not expect to be able to return to freetown, once again opened up.

the Situation in the area around freetown is a great nuisance to the christianshavnere and christianites, sounds it.

“The people who participate in the activities going on Bådmandsstræde and the areas around Christiania, is not wanted on the Freetown Christiania, either now or when we re-open,” it says in the press release.

the Police after the closure of Pusher Street arrested several drug pushers in the surrounding streets and has, among other things, found cocaine for sale.

Freetown accepts hash, but in the press release added that distance to the discovery of cocaine and hard drugs in general.

Activities with the sale of narcotic drugs around the Christiania occupies also the Copenhagen Police. In Ekstra Bladet has vicepolitiinspektør Lars-O. Karlsen the other day commented on the development with these words:

– Pushernes behavior is cynical. They put people’s health at risk, and in the time we are now experiencing, with a coronaepidemi, makes it, of course, the situation is more serious, to customers and dealers in the manner assemble themselves together and exposing each other and the population of infection, said Lars-O. Karlsen.

He is the leader of Operational specialised department of the Copenhagen Police and has the responsibility for the fight against the big illegal market.

the Closure of Christiania is right cash. There are set up fences, and security guards are also there. The interference was due to the many people who lived in the area, and, thus, increased risk of the spread of infection.