imagine that you are the birthday child and not on the own Party. So it has to go to the Green and the GLP, you have won the election. However, when one of your main concerns, the new CO2-law, you must remain outside. As of Monday, the national Council’s environmental Commission bends over the template, which has “greened” the Council of States a month ago.

Instead of the radiant choice winner of the breed, but the sad losers about the law, because the new Parliament commencing in December their service: And so tracks in the Commission now, people like Felix Müri (61, SVP) and Peter Schilliger (60, FDP) of the act. So to speak, as the last official act. You were voted out – maybe also because you are in the area of climate protection on the brake.

the water was falling from the electorate

punished That the green wave has a complicity in the dismissal, shows the case of a further Bremsers: FDP-Nationalrat Christian Wasserfallen (38), with the new green course of his party, not green. Although he has been re-elected. The voters will have him well – he lost in comparison to the last election four years ago, to around 25’000 votes.

Still want to hold on to water fall at his skeptical course. “The proposal of the Council of States is half-baked in many respects,” he says. Him about the air ticket levy, which was, in his opinion, counter-productive, simply because other airports will dodged bother.

The Eco-liberals have won

Thus, water is dropping in his party alone – the majority of the climate Laggards not have made it back to the Council. Unlike climate pioneers such as the Council of States Damian Müller (35, LU) and party leader Petra Gössi (43), which has been achieved in both gloss results. In the FDP, it is not too sad about this “land consolidation”.

Nevertheless, water fall convinced that His climate policy was not to blame for the poor election result. “The FDP has generally lost – the climate issue has not mobilized. It is only the parties with Green in the name of benefited.”

The brakes make no difference

For SP-national councillor Eric Nussbaumer (59), it makes no big difference whether the new or old Commission vorberät the business. In the end will anyway decide the new Parliament. Nussbaumer: “Maybe some of the members of the Commission and with the reality of the hopeless interference.”

The proposal of the Council of States is the Basis, which must now be improved. “Because the SVP has announced that, in VIEW already of the Referendum, we can take a look to the fact that we operate effective and capable of gaining majority support climate policy.”

This should work: Because even if the new Commission is still green, is already the green choice with Bastien Girod (38), Adèle Thorens (47) as well as GLP-man Martin Bäumle (55) winner at the Party.